5 Best Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers Reviewed For 2017

If you have a need to clean and maintain the floors in a commercial space that’s too large for a simple handheld mop, a walk-behind floor scrubber can make your job more efficient.

walk behind floor scrubbers (photo credit: PR)
walk behind floor scrubbers
(photo credit: PR)
Even a space with relatively low traffic, like the break room in an office building, can have dirt and grime buildup on the floors. Sometimes, even the most powerful elbow grease just doesn’t cut it. The best walk-behind floor scrubber will deliver powerful cleaning capabilities while still allowing you to maneuver in compact spaces. Read below for reviews of the best walk-behind floor scrubbers.

1. Powr-Flite PAS17BA-BC Predator Battery Powered Automatic Scrubber with Pad Driver: $2992.19, Amazon

This walk-behind floor scrubber provides a deep clean with little manual effort. It holds 12 gallons of cleaning solution and hits a maximum speed of 200 RPM. The scrubbing path is 17 inches, making this machine effective for cleaning small areas as well as large expanses. The battery-operated scrubber allows you to get the most out of its cleaning capacity without worrying about winding long extension cords or finding a power source. It’s not too heavy, making it easy to haul to different job sites where you need the capabilities of power scrubber. The control panel is simple to use, allowing you to control aspects like the flow of cleaning solution for the most efficient cleaning. 

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2. Global Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine: $3590, Amazon

Powered by two 130-amp batteries, this walk-behind floor scrubber gives you the advantage of a wide, 20-inch cleaning path and the ability to take it anywhere. You can wash 21,000 square feet of hard floors in one hour, and the large tanks don’t have to be filled often, saving you time. The exterior housing is tough and resists corrosion and dents, and the 28-inch squeegee assembly is rugged and long-lasting. This floor scrubber is reliable, powerful and effective.

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3. NaceCare TT 1120 Complete Electric Scrubber: $3857.88, Amazon

Lightweight but powerful, this walk-behind floor scrubber has a 20-inch cleaning path, an 11-gallon capacity and a 1.6HP vacuum motor. Weighing in at less than 200 pounds, this is the ideal scrubber to take along to moderately sized jobs. It breaks down into separate parts, making it one of the most portable units around. Whether you need to strip floors for refinishing or clean them until they sparkle, the NaceCare electric scrubber will get the job done efficiently. Wash and dry your floors in one swift motion with this walk-behind floor scrubber.

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4. Tornado EZ 20" Floor Scrubber Traction Drive: $4237.51, Amazon

If you need to transport a walk-behind floor scrubber to a variety of job sites and have the need for easy mobility, the traction drive on this machine will provide you with the agility you need. You can clean a variety of hard surfaces with the Tornado walk-behind floor scrubber, including concrete, marble, vinyl, linoleum and rubber. You can look inside the recovery tank to gauge fullness levels, helping you stay on task when completing large cleaning jobs.

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5. 600 RPM Floor Scrubber and Microscrubber: $10,573.49, Amazon

If you’re in the market for a comprehensive walk-behind floor scrubber that delivers power and convenience, this is an ideal option. The 20-inch cleaning path cleans fairly large areas as well as compact spaces. The floor scrubber rotates at 600 RPM, getting surfaces completely clean without much effort from the operator. The long run time ensures that you’ll get the job done without having to recharge the machine, and the 10-gallon brush drive helps you tackle large jobs. 

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Are you tired of pushing around a manual mop? Whether your needs involve cleaning the floors at a school, hospital, office building or gymnasium, investing in a walk-behind floor scrubber can help you maximize efficiency and save money in the long run. Present the best impression with glistening, clean floors when you use a power scrubber for your janitorial needs. If you frequently transport the equipment and work on smaller spaces, the Powr-Flite Predator can provide you with the versatility you require. Those who maintain large, well-trafficked areas will make the best use of the 600 RPM Floor Scrubber and Microscrubber.

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