Four simple tips to make your home smell amazing

Learn easy tricks to quickly freshen up your home and eliminate any unwanted odors.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A cleaning and tidying expert recently shared four simple tips to make your home smell wonderful instantly. These tricks are beneficial when unexpected guests drop by and you need more time for a deep clean.

The best part? 

You probably already have everything you need for these tips right in your home. Evangeline, a popular TikTok and Instagram host with a large following, has become even more well-known after sharing these tips in a video that has garnered over 600,000 views.

The first tip involves freshening up your trash cans. Evangeline recommends dipping a cotton ball in a concentrated disinfectant liquid and placing it at the bottom of each trash can in your house. This simple trick will leave your trash cans smelling fantastic and spread freshness throughout the day. She especially recommends doing this for bins that contain leftover food.

Her second tip is a clever way to refresh your sofa without washing the cushions. Evangeline suggests placing scented dryer sheets in the washer under the pillow cover. These sheets will give off the pleasant scent of clean laundry and make your sofa smell amazing, especially when guests sit on it.

Moving on, Evangeline shares a tip that may be less applicable for Israelis but is worth mentioning for those with radiators at home. She suggests rubbing the radiator with fabric softener. Mix some fabric softener with hot water in a bowl and rub it onto the radiator. This trick works wonders when you have friends coming over and will leave them amazed by the beautiful smell.

Finally, Evangeline surprises us with a tip to refresh the house through the curtains. She recommends using a scent-dispersing spray and spraying it on the curtains. This will give the entire room a different aroma; whenever you open the curtains and there's a breeze, the house will smell amazing. The curtains will spread a delightful fragrance throughout the day, and you can choose to do this in any room.