20-Year-Old DJ Scher Is an Expert in Social Media Growth Hacking

 (photo credit: DJ SCHER)
(photo credit: DJ SCHER)

Can you make hundreds of tweets go viral? Are you able to skyrocket growth for brands using social media platforms like Instagram? 20-year-old DJ Scher can. This young LA-based social media influencer runs his own marketing agency called Scher Marketing, and has seen incredibly high demand for his growth hacking services.

DJ Scher loves helping people, which has helped him enjoy the remarkable level of success he has today. Watching others grow their brands is something that he’s passionate about, and is something he plans to continue doing well into the future.

The chief focus for DJ Scher is to help brands with their digital content. In doing so, he can help them increase their reach, leading to more leads and sales. Some of the types of brands he regularly helps are clothing brands, hotels, and tourism boards, among many others. Essentially, any brand that is looking for more people to be aware of them will benefit from DJ Scher's marketing agency working on hacking their growth. 

Achieving greater reach for social media content and getting it to go viral is done using a few tried-and-true techniques that DJ Scher keeps close to his chest. When working with a brand, he matches up the optimal strategy according to what the needs of the brand are. This ensures that the level of growth will be the highest it can be. In the world of social media marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that achieves the kind of results DJ Scher provides. This is why he has seen Scher Marketing enjoy a significant increase in the number of clients it has worked with over the past few months.

DJ Scher also makes sure he is matching up the right growth strategies for the respective social media platforms they work best on. He does not use what works great on Twitter on Instagram, as an example, because the results would be lackluster. His goal is to achieve the most substantial growth possible for his clients. 

As the owner of a full-service marketing agency, DJ Scher takes care of everything required in a social media marketing campaign. Putting together media kits, establishing the best monetization plan, and more are all part of what brands get when they work with his marketing agency.

In the spirit of genuinely wanting to help others, DJ Scher makes sure to dispense some sage wisdom when it comes to social media marketing. He coaches every client he works with so they can learn how to become experts themselves. The more empowered his clients are, the more fulfilled he feels at doing his job.

Even though he is only 20 years old, DJ Scher already has a proven track record of helping brands accelerate and expand their growth.