Chris Chong shares the best advice for driving online sales

 (photo credit: CHRIS CHONG)
(photo credit: CHRIS CHONG)

The unprecedented events of 2020 saw physical stores close their doors and consumers flock online to spend their money. With this upsurge in the practice of selling online, e-commerce has become an even more attractive source of revenue. Chris Chong holds several roles in the world of e-commerce including being the director of operations at online clothing retailer Giti. Here, Chong shares his advice for how e-commerce retailers can drive their online sales.


You need to separate yourself from sub-par online retailers by making sure potential customers know that you can be trusted. Chong says, “Your current client base is a priceless resource. By including reviews and testimonials on your site you can instantly verify your trustworthiness as a company.”

Ad Extensions 

The ad extension feature allows you to offer more clickable information to your company's online advertising. Ad extensions are indispensable if you want to make your online store easier to connect with and drive your online sales. Chong expands on this, saying, “Ad extensions are the best way to turn potential customers’ clicks into dollars. This feature creates an effortless path for the customer to go from searching for a product to purchasing your product.”

Quality over quantity

The concept of keeping your product line small may seem counterproductive to driving your online sales, but Chong advises that this is the secret weapon to keeping sales numbers up. Chong explains, “By focusing on just one product or service you stand a greater chance of dominating the customer base for it. A huge product line that results in endless page tabs and scrolling will make it harder to help your customer find exactly what they want.”

Streamlined checkout 

There are hundreds of abandoned virtual shopping carts sitting on online retailers’ sites at this very moment. To avoid this fate on your site you need to make sure that your customer’s journey from filling their cart to purchasing it is as streamlined as possible. Chong advises, “Over-complicated purchase pages are killing online sales. When it comes to finalizing a customer’s purchase, keeping it simple is essential.”

Overall, Chris Chong believes that every e-commerce business can grow its sales if it puts its consumers first and utilizes every feature available to make their online store as streamlined as possible.