Coping with sadness: 3 tips to rediscover happiness and Joy

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Everyone deals with sadness, feelings of devastating loss and disappointments that weigh heavily on our souls. Some struggle to overcome the irreplaceable loss of a loved one while others struggle with depressive thoughts and recurrent bouts of unexplainable sadness.

If you’re always feeling low and sad with negative thoughts gnawing at your brain, it’s time to identify what’s really happening. Sadness is a universal feeling while depression is a mental health condition. While sadness is common and happens to everyone from time to time, depression is not that common and accompanies a series of cyclic symptoms.

It is important to seek out mental health support from a licensed professional while adopting coping mechanisms and strategies. Whether you seek therapy or opt for self-care, these tips will help you elevate your life quality by rediscovering happiness and joy.  

1.    Express your Emotions & Thoughts

Situational sadness and depressive thoughts tend to aggravate when we deny ourselves opportunities to express our emotions and thoughts. Bottling unpleasant emotions and dismissing your own thoughts will create a vicious cycle of negativity and sadness. Self-expression is the healthiest way to break free and find constructive outlets to feel happier.

Journaling is a great strategy to express your emotions and thoughts, especially if you don’t want to share them with an audience. If you’d like advice and support from others, reach out to your family and friends, or join a support group.

2. Enjoy Activities & Hobbies that Spark Creativity

Enjoying the things you love will help you fight off sadness and dispel negativity with a powerful surge of creativity. It is important to stay connected to your artsy or fun side, and indulge in activities that bring you joy.

If you love mixing colors and painting, invest in all the art supplies you need to enjoy your hobby. Likewise, if you like watching movies and TV shows, make a bucket list and watch all the titles you’ve been meaning to enjoy. Suppose you love playing sophisticated card games like Blackjack and Poker but you don’t have anyone to play them with. In that case, consider finding a reputable online casino to play your favorite games with seasoned players from all over the world.

Adding your hobbies and interests to your daily routine will help you create a constructive outlet to unwind and get rid of negative energy.

3.    Take Good Care of Yourself

Perpetual sadness and depression render us incapable of looking after ourselves. We find ourselves suffocating in unbreakable patterns of self-neglect, where getting out of bed and taking a shower feels like climbing a mountain. Interestingly, taking good care of your mind and body is the best way to break free from this cycle.

The simple act of starting the day with a good outfit and a hearty breakfast will put you in a good mood, setting the tone for the rest of your day. You can plan your daily routine with plenty of opportunities to feel good, such as meeting up with friends for lunch or going out for drinks after work.

Adopting a healthy, nutrient-rich diet with regular exercise is most important to look after your mind and body. Remember, the brain needs essential nutrients and exercise to produce hormones like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which regulate feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

It is important to reach out to a certified therapist or mental health professional if you’re struggling and your life quality is declining. Dismissing your emotions for sadness can lead to a delayed diagnosis of depression, resulting in numerous complications.

Everyone deserves to feel happy and experience true joy, and if your emotions and thoughts are holding you back, mental health support will help you enormously. A therapist will empower you with the right resources and tools to reclaim your power and dispel depressive thoughts. 

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