Founder of Stock Market Lab and TradeZella, Umar Ashraf is Helping Retail Traders Around the World

 (photo credit: UMAR ASHRAF)
(photo credit: UMAR ASHRAF)

Umar Ashraf has created an impressive living via stock and options trading. He has helped thousands of regular people working day and night, become highly profitable trading in the markets. Umar Ashraf is now known for being the founder of Ashraf Capital, Stock Market Lab, and TradeZella. The trader has helped hundreds of students quit their jobs, drop out of college, and change their lifestyle for the better. 

Throughout the years, Umar has become more of a “go-to” in his space. Many have begun to see great results when learning from Umar. He offers free tutorials via YouTube, and in addition to that, he introduced TradeZella. That is a trading feedback tool enabling traders to level up their performance and help them analyze what kind of trader you should be, what you need to get started, and more.

It wasn’t always easy for Umar, who went from failing at forming a property solutions company at the young age of 18. Going all out on his dreams of becoming a successful trader required some sacrifices to be made along the way. He dealt with a lot of stress when he first started trading and his entrepreneurial journey.

“I have had a fair share of ups and downs throughout my journey and it has taught me a lot. I used to meditate for long hours to relax my mind. I made sure that I maintain a regular sleep cycle and do not compromise on my routine at all. Staying organized and following a strict routine has helped me focus on my career and become the best possible version of myself.”

Moreover, by mastering stock trading, he has been able to grow his Instagram account to over 70.8k followers, live a luxurious life, and has been able to buy himself many assets, including a big house in a gated community along with a foreign car, all within six years. 

To continue following his journey, you can follow his Instagram account @umarashraftrades and YouTube channel.