Guide to 420 Dating

Boo Glass Fire Cut Donut Perc Water Pipe from DopeBoo will always impress.

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online dating
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For Jewish singles in the United States, finding romance has never been simpler, or more complicated! A host of specialized online platforms, like Jdate or JewishAmericanSingles have made the searching process easier than ever. But as more and more American Jews consider themselves as “secular,” connecting around the basis of a shared Jewish identity is much less straightforward. As the legalization of cannabis spreads and the taboo around it diminishes, many singles are turning to cannabis as a means to relate.
For all those who have been single and herbal, fear no more. Will wedding bells soon chime for you? While we can’t guarantee you a perfect match, we will promise that it’ll be much easier to find a smoking buddy who’s more than just a friend. For tips and tricks on how to find the perfect 4/20 date, read on.
Dating is hard enough, right? There are the apps, the messaging, the blind dates, and the oh so disappointing dinners that seem to endlessly repeat. You’re constantly wondering if you’re single because everyone around you is crazy, or maybe you’re the oddball. Just when you thought you would be forever wed to your Netflix account, couch and best bong from DopeBoo, we present to you the all-inclusive guide to dating for herbal lovers! Lovers of herb, lovers who love herb … it’s all here.
Boo Glass Fire Cut Donut Perc Water Pipe from DopeBoo will always impress.
Where do I find them?
Where does one find any romantic partner? That’s what we’d really like to know. The reality is that you have options, but you do have to put some effort into this search. No amount of Weeds or Rick and Morty will bring you closer to your dream person, but what will are some simple yet effective practices cultivated over the years to increase your chances of finding the ideal bud (hint: get off your phone!)
Music festivals: The reality is that music festivals are likely a good place to meet someone who’s into any kind of substance. While you might write them off as people only good for a quick fling, there are many people who’ve met their lifelong partners at music festivals, even Burning Man! Now of course, you can’t just go to a music fest and sit inside your tent all day with your silicone bong, moping that you’re all alone. Get out there and meet people. See if there’s other circles of people who are passing along a pipe and casually ask what strain they have or type of glass pipe they are using? Think about it: your future partner might be super down to discuss strains and bongs with someone new.
Hiking: Ok we’re gonna drop the infamous Meetup, but there’s a twist here--if you join any of the Meetup groups that go on hikes (especially in the states of Colorado, California, Nevada or Washington) there’s a pretty good chance you’ll meet some fellow herb lovers. The added bonus here is that your future partner met during a hike is also likely in shape. Remember to be true to yourself though: if the thought of leaving the urban landscape for something with dirt and trees terrifies you, then don’t go. Nothing sours a relationship from the start like lying. If you start dating someone met on a hike, make sure to check out some of the top places and pipes for hiking.
Art shows: This applies to anything artsy--film screenings, painting exhibitions, probably not synchronized swimming but we’re not saying the 4/20 community isn’t repping in the pool. However, in certain industries like film and music for example, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that members of said industry are lighting up on the regular. Not only will you find yourself the classic troubled artist type, you’ll find a fellow flower fan. The upside to all of this is they might make you cool mixtapes throughout your relationship. Another strategy: befriend somebody in this community and meet all of their eligible single friends. The success rate on this strategy is quite high.
What are some 4/20 friendly date activities?
Dessert before dinner: This is a misnomer. You don’t actually order dessert before dinner; rather, you imbibe an edible while having drinks at your place before heading out to a restaurant. As seasoned pros on this date tip, we have a couple recommendations since we’ve been there before: first, wait at least an hour between eating your treat and ordering food, although some are known to kick in after two hours. Second, make sure you’re at a restaurant that’s in your price range, because you will indeed order enough food for six people instead of two. Lastly, this is not the time to wine and dine your date. Make sure it’s something casual and maybe even loud, so people don’t notice how obnoxious you two are as you ask for a third order of french fries.
Dab and dance: If you’re going out dancing, break out the dab! Not the dance move, in case you were wondering. Dab rigs are the ultimate in speed and strength, and these things will get you going for the entire night.  Dab rigs are also an incredible couple’s activity. If you’ve ever dabbed alone, you know that an extra hand is mighty appreciated. Just think of how romantic it is to see that somebody’s already lit the nail for you.
Mysterious and romantic: Most ladies already know how flattering the lighting setup is in a dimly lit restaurant. Turn things up a notch with one of DopeBoo’s best vapes of 2019, like the PAX 3. Incredibly portable, this thing enables vape puffs like nobody’s business while concurrently keeping things discreet. If you’re looking to up the atmosphere at your next date, bring this one with you. For extra cool points with your date, practice your smoke tricks beforehand to truly impress them.
Sports and vapes: Maybe you’re both into running, or something a bit more complex like wakeboarding or HIIT workouts. Getting physical is a great way to spend time with someone new, and you’ll have a stronger bond after finishing your workout. If you’re going to be active, your best bet is to bring a vape with you. Vape pens and other portable vapes are best here. Aside from a refreshing glass of ice water, nothing is more satisfying after a workout than some nice long pulls from your pen. What better way to celebrate that than with your new bud?