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Have you just purchased or taken out a lease on a new apartment in Tel Aviv?

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Apartment move-in and renovation cleaning company in Tel Aviv

Have you just purchased or taken out a lease on a new apartment in Tel Aviv? Or have you just renovated your apartment? Then you know you have a job of work ahead of you cleaning up the apartment, furnishing it, and making it just right for you. Fortunately, we can help you get the first part of the move-in right. Because cleaning up a newly renovated or purchased house is a job for professionals.


Post renovation cleanup

Renovation represents a massive investment in time, money and emotional fortitude. Once all the new faucets and baths and tiles are installed, the last thing most people want to deal with is the cleanup. So a cleanup company is the obvious solution to the conundrum. The trouble, of course, is finding a highly recommended cleanup company which has a reputation for meticulousness, probity and professionalism.


What to look for in a Tel Aviv Cleaning Company?

Customer satisfaction, equipment, and the company's equipment, and the skill and trustworthiness of its workers are all parameters to take into account when you select a cleaning company in Tel Aviv. The best measure of the post-renovation or post-purchase cleaning company, however, is the recommendations of its previous customers. You can either ask the company directly for these recommendations, or enter forums where the opinions will probably offer the best indication of the company.


Cleaning-Service: Tel-Aviv's top recommended cleaning company.

If what you are looking for a highly recommended cleaning company which will arrive at time, any time, with the professionals and the tools to get the job thoroughly done, then look no further than Cleaning-Service. And yes, we are also less expensive than the competition.

How do we maintain such high standards? By keeping a supervisor on the site to ensure the quality of our cleaning professionals, and to sign off on the work before the client arrives at his property.


Additional services: carpet and padding cleaning and professional polish

Whether you are moving into a new property or renovating an old one, you probably want your new home to be more than just clean – you want it to be perfect. Fortunately, Cleaning- services does more than clean up your home. It also possesses expertise in removing stains, even persistent years long stains, from carpets and padding. We do this by using specialized equipment which scrubs the carpet with special carpet shampoo, and squirts and pumps out clean water repeatedly via suction.

We also use special machines to polish the floor of the house perfectly to near translucence. The Clean-Service Company performs Polish work on old and new floors to all types and kinds of tiles, crystal polish to marble floors, wax polish to simple floors and parquet. We also handle more specialized surfaces such as linoleum sports surfaces, smooth concrete surfaces, and a special treatment of natural wood parquet surface. It's worth noting that cleaning service is amongst the only apartment move-in and apartment renovation cleaning companies in Tel Aviv who has the skills and equipment to perform these specialized tasks properly.

The article was written by the cleaning company "cleaningservice"