Is Cycling Good For Weight Loss?

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
There is only one right answer to this crucial question and that is YES. If you are willing to follow an effective cycling schedule, you are bound to lose weight. Before we dive deep into the benefits and methods of weight loss through cycling, you must first take note that consistency is key.
Why Cycle?
Why choose to cycle from the hundreds of workout schedules? Well, that’s because it provides the most balanced regime for weight loss, not to mention fun! Cycling specifically caters to strength and endurance development, which should be the go-to for everyone looking to lose weight.
This exercise is ‘inexpensive’. Interested in cycling? You can start today if you have a bike as it’s devoid of all the petrol expenditures. A 30-minute ride is enough to burn more than 230 and 200 cal in an average man and woman respectively.
Plus, cycling is a sociable event, so you wouldn't have to worry about boredom either.
Cycling Saves Both Health and Time
Apart from burning the extra calories cycling has various other health benefits. This never-ending list of benefits is led by perfect toning of the body (crucial to weight loss). To lose 1-lb in 7 days you must have a deficit of 500 calories. So, this should paint a fair picture of how rewarding cycling can be.
If you live close enough to your office, then you might as well ride your bike to work and call it a session too. In all honesty, we are busy people and time is money. Who doesn’t like an inexpensive weight loss method that’ll also save time, right?
Breathe Easier
Since cycling directly cuts down on your extra fat, your body starts to enhance its organ functioning. More than 71% of the cyclists who used their hobby as a road to weight loss have reported that it has developed their lung health noticeably.
Just by cycling an hour every day for a minimum of 3 weeks, riders felt a significant change in their lung capacity. What this means is that your lungs gradually start to help you breathe easier. And by breathing easier, you metabolize easier. As a result, your weight loss journey becomes smoother.
Cycling: High Impact or Low?
Cycling is a low impact exercise. Even if you aren’t a rigorous cyclist, you will still be able to reap benefits off of it. On the other hand, the chances of injury and severe limb damages are highly unlikely. So, anybody who underestimates cycling just because it’s of low impact is widely mistaken.
The concept behind weight loss through cycling is fairly simple- You have to burn more calories than you consume. As long as you are doing so, you will lose weight, irrespective of the exercise’s impact.
Things To Keep In Mind For Losing Weight Through Cycling
Here are some tips that you should follow for losing weight through cycling.
Plan It Out: Consistency Is Key
The first thing you need to do before starting a regime is to plan out a schedule and gradually work your way up. A well-planned routine goes a long way.
However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t cycle without a plan. You are always welcome to hop onto your bike and shed that weight whenever you feel like it.
Keep Track Of Your Progress
It’s important that you keep tabs on whether the cycling regime is working out for you or not. We don’t recommend checking your weight every single day as it can be deceiving. The measuring scale shouldn’t be your margin of success.
An easy way to keep track is by making a graph chart. Take notes of your weight and traveled distance, and input the data once or twice a week.
You can easily find out a precise overview of your trip by using the Garmin Bike Computer. Keeping track of progress gets a lot easier this way, you have our word.
You Are What You Eat!
Cycling doesn’t require a strict diet. But since you are focusing on losing weight, consider cutting down on fat and oily food. Steer clear from junk food as it’s harmful to your overall health. Decide a ‘calorie deficit’ that you want to achieve every day through your sessions, to efficiently lose weight.
Build Those Muscles
Remember that losing weight and becoming weak are two very different things. We strongly discourage the latter. So make sure you are focusing on toning your body in a balanced way. By cycling in our recommended pattern you will be strengthening your calves, arms, and hip muscles as well as losing weight.
Don't Jail Yourself, Cycle For Fun
We encourage you to push your limits only when you are enjoying your training routine. The moment you stop enjoying is the moment cycling starts to seem like a redundant task that no longer feels refreshing.
Been through a hard session? Reward yourself. Got a sweet tooth? Don’t be afraid to grab an ice-cream if that’s what your heart wants.
Safety First
Since cycling is an outdoor activity, safety measures have no alternatives. Here are the top 6 safety tips that you must know before hitting the road.
  1. Always use CPSC approved bike helmets both on and off-road.
  2. Carry a deflated inner tube and a bottle of water wherever you go.
  3. 3Learn your local Highway Code and traffic rules of your state before riding.
  4. Use a bike computer and lights (head and tail) in the dark for proper navigation and visibility.
  5. Put on your clothes and sleeves according to the weather.
  6. Make sure to carry the essentials from a first aid box when going for longer rides.

Final Words
Millions of people were able to cycle their way out of obesity. We believe you can too. Losing weight through cycling may sound intimidating but in reality, all it takes is a little effort and strong determination. Opt for the healthiest option for both you and the environment starting today!