Bird study backs Bible: Pigeons, doves sacrificed in ancient Jerusalem

From the story of Noah and the dove in the Book of Genesis to the issues of ritual sacrifices and dietary restrictions, birds play a very important role in the biblical text.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer
Cancer treatments significantly affected by diet, researchers find

Changes in diet can increase the toxicity of a chemotherapeutic drug by up to 100-fold.

Tips for a perfectly flat stomach

It is very difficult to lose weight as a lot of encouragement and motivation is needed. Reducing the amount of belly fat can be an insurmountable task as it tends to take more time than usual.

A supermarket in the "purple industrial zone" of Petah Tikvah.
Coronavirus: How to avoid eating all day when confined at home

A nutritionist advises those social distancing and those quarantined how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

 Agricultural produce grown in the surrounding desert on display at the 2018 Arava Open Day
Fruits, vegetables, tea linked with lower Alzheimer's risk

People who had the most flavonols in their diet were about half as likely to develop Alzheimer's than those who consumed the least, the study found.

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