Jairo Escobar Suggests 5 Tips to Promote YouTube Videos on Social Media

Jairo Escobar (photo credit: JAIRO ESCOBAR)
Jairo Escobar
(photo credit: JAIRO ESCOBAR)

Jairo Escobar is a YouTube star and Venezuelan entrepreneur. He started his YouTube channel in 2019 and managed to reach 250,000 subscribers in just two years, an incredible feat that only a few have achieved. But how did he manage to become the most viewed Latino YouTuber from Toronto? Escobar suggests five tips that any aspiring YouTuber can follow to promote their videos on social media and gain more views and subscribers.

1. Post video links on relevant Facebook groups

Suppose you make paintball videos. Escobar suggests that you post your video links on paintball groups instead of only sticking to your profile's home page. If you post video links on your home page, only your friends will see the video. Moreover, not all of them may be interested to see paintball videos. Therefore, you can increase your views and subscribers by posting the same links on relevant and targeted groups.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the new way to gain the limelight on social media. You will notice Escobar using various hashtags to make his videos noticeable on YouTube. For example, when you post a real estate video on a Facebook group, make sure you provide a short message and give hashtag-phrases at the end of it. You can search for popular Twitter or Facebook hashtags according to your niche. Escobar even uses custom hashtags for his YouTube channel to help people find his posts quickly.

3. Reach out on Instagram

Don't limit your posts to Facebook only. You should make the most of other social media platforms, especially Instagram. Viewers love short videos on this platform. Escobar usually makes 15-second videos and then encourages his followers to swipe up or follow the link that redirects them to his YouTube channel. You can do the same to drive more traffic to your real estate YouTube channel. Ask the viewers to like, comment, share, and subscribe to the videos with their friends to gain more views.

4. Use Pinterest boards

Most of the renowned brands are now turning to Pinterest to promote their products. And it comes as no surprise that Escobar wants YouTubers to use this platform to increase their subscriber list. You can boost your channel's branding by uploading your YouTube videos' pins under appropriate boards. This is more like posting links on relevant Facebook groups; you need to pin your videos only here. Also, don't forget to add catchy descriptions to attract the attention of potential viewers.

5. Don't forget LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social media for recruiters and employees. And you can use this platform to your advantage if you make industry-specific videos or business-related videos. Escobar suggests that everyone share the links on their profiles and ask their followers to check the videos and provide their feedback via direct messages. Make sure you mention your YouTube channel and the type of videos you usually post when you share video links on LinkedIn.

Escobar has already created a wave of Latino YouTubers thanks to his immense popularity and success. By leveraging social media in new ways than you usually do, you can gain an edge over the competition and help your YouTube videos stand out.