Nicholai Perrett Believes in Sheer Hard Work Rather than Procrastination

Nicholai Perrett, a young talent of the social media circle, believes in an early start rather than procrastinating about the future.

 (photo credit: NICHOLAI PERRET)
(photo credit: NICHOLAI PERRET)
Nicholai Perrett came from a privileged family in Singapore, with a good upbringing. Everything was smoothly sailing until hard times struck and the family was forced to move to Sweden. His paths crossed with his current roommate, colleague, and best friend, Zhongni Zu, who had a major influence in his career of social influencing. Zhongni Zu was already running meme pages on social media and so asked Perrett to edit and film his videos. Working with Zhongni and meeting other influencers gave him the idea to start his very own page and make a name for himself in the vast world of social media. Perrett had already learned the trade secrets of being a social influencer from Zhongni and so on the 25th of September 2018, he launched his page.

With the competitive nature of social media and millions of people waiting in line to launch themselves to stardom, Nicholai has certainly mastered the art of adapting to changing tides. Perrett believes in versatility and so he looks set to burst on the acting scene as well, sometime in the future.

“I’m looking to branch out into acting and I’m doing multiple courses for acting so I can hopefully break into that industry too,” says Nicholai.

It is not easy to leave your comfort zone and fly off to a completely new place and adjust to the new life handed to you that you never asked for, but Perrett did just that. He accepted the circumstances and with the help of his family, friends, and his girlfriend, he strived harder to make things work and achieve something worthwhile in life.

“If I would need to say something it would be to start sooner rather than later and not procrastinate,” shares Nicholai.

Nicholai’s hard work is starting to bear fruits and like many others, he has carved out a chunk for himself from the vast world of social media.