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Advice from Professional Influencers

Influencers have become a mainstay of modern marketing. Social media usage has seen a massive jump since the pandemic. Business puts this value at around 10.5% between July 2019 and July 2020. Thanks to this increase in the volume of users, influencers have had even more of their audiences’ attention. With brands falling over themselves to snap up influencers (even small, niche ones), the market is ripe for new personalities to enter the fray. But what does one have to do to become an influencer? Some of the most successful online social media personalities share their advice about what an influencer ought to demonstrate.

Lauren Mayhew (Lolo) Says to Be Yourself

Lolo is an American Singer/Actress/DJ, traveling the world and vlogging her adventures to her followers. Her most important piece of advice is to be yourself. The Journal of Product and Brand Management noted in a study that being relatable to an audience increased the chances of connecting with them. Closeness increased the number of followers, although not necessarily the influencer's ability to close sales. However, the research supports Lolo's advice. Consumers today can smell fake a mile off, and being genuine increases one’s chances of building trust with the audience.


Kristian Tumidajewicz (Ilpengwin) Says Experiment Extensively


Up next, one of our favorite Instagram influencers, who know how to up their game. Ilpengwin is a sports analyst and trader with an Instagram following quickly approaching half a million. He regretted that there were no established influencers to mentor him when he was starting out, but found that experimenting with new things taught him what his followers enjoyed. He used that information to create a deeper bond with his audience. Combined with his free information and a long-term goal to reach out to the rest of the world's soccer markets, he seems to have it all figured out. He does advise that this is a long and lonely road, especially if one intends to become a solo influencer. He also owns MondoPengwin.

Jamie King (The Slay Coach) Says to Acknowledge Your Audience

The Slay Coach contends that acknowledgment is one of the most crucial things an influencer can offer to their audience. Psychology Today mentions that humans, being social creatures, do need a little bit of attention every now and again. The Slay Coach's advice meshes with this understanding. She suggests that influencers actively communicate with members of their audience in a one-on-one manner to let them know that they're being heard. This method builds trust with the audience and helps them to feel more connected to the person behind the persona.

Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

While the market for influencers is booming, there's no guarantee that a new influencer will land a major sponsor as soon as they get started. Most smaller influencers have to put a lot of time and effort into growing their followings. Just like there are no rules for virality on the internet, so too the rules for being popular on social media are undefined. Yet, for those who manage to stick with it and remain genuine throughout their journeys, the rewards are substantial. If you're just starting, you're not too late. It's about sticking with it, not about landing a payday as fast as possible.