T1 Advertising Propels Brands to 10 Figure Valuations

 (photo credit: THOMAS HERD)
(photo credit: THOMAS HERD)


2020 was an undeniably trying year for businesses no matter the industry.  Brands that were able to find creative solutions to alleviate the challenges of the pandemic are now in a much better position than their competition.

Many notable brands with a strong digital marketing presence have one thing in common: T1 Advertising

T1 Advertising is known for its work with significant brands like PrettyLittleThing, APM Monaco, Boohoo, MeUndies, and more propelling several of them to 10 figure valuations. The agency is solely owned and run by Forbes contributor and CEO Thomas Herd, who specializes in growing a brand’s digital presence by using scientific, sound and proven strategies to help them achieve specific goals. 

Despite the challenging year, T1 acquired a record number of new business across multiple industries in 2020. 

Some of the business won includes Pink Lotus Elements in the breast cancer awareness area, Sincerus Pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical sector, Marijuana Doctors in the ever-growing cannabis industry, and Beyond Global in the crypto-currency market. 

T1 also began working with dozens of new brands in the consumer goods market, such as MadeMan skincare, MurLarkey Spirits, Liquid Death Water, 100% Capri, Simply Chocolates, House Of Skye, and Gabb Wireless.

T1 attributes their clients’ success to a vast increase of media exposoure, Instagram & Tik Tok growth, customer acquisition, and authentic digital growth solutions. 

The T1 team equips brands that they work with the proper tools so they are able to advance far beyond the competition. The innovative digital approach is the way of the future, and T1 is ahead of the game.

Heading into 2021, T1 is getting the recognition they deserve for the work they have done over the past several years in the digital marketplace and is beginning to accrue larger and larger brands interested in catapulting their market valuations. 

As for its own scaling strategy, T1 has plans to both launch new offices in emerging boom markets in the US such as Dallas, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Charlotte as well as expand its operations to Dubai and Asia as they look to work in new markets with ambitious, capable brands seeking to become new market leaders.

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