The Top 7 Biceps exercises for maximum bulking

a number of "smart" and effective biceps exercises

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
In today’s article we present a number of "smart" and effective biceps exercises (suggestions of special personal trainers), along with useful tips to avoid "tragic" and dangerous mistakes.

Topics discussed shown below:

• Which are the Biceps

• Problems a “wrong” workout could create for me
• How to achieve fast and spectacular muscle gains
• Why Training not increases muscle mass
• What are the 10 top Biceps exercises for maximum bulking

In more detail

How to achieve fast and spectacular muscle gains

The biceps brach ii - long and short - combine to create the "arms" we all know. This muscle will help you greatly to change your external look and create a "triangular" shape in the upper part of torso.

Biceps exercises are a key part of any athletic activity, for men and women.
By choosing the "right" exercises, you will be able to achieve faster muscle gains!
This is true, as some exercises are more effective than others are and as long as the person knows what each exercise is and how to apply it properly.
It is also important – for maximum muscle gains - to implement a proper diet plan in parallel with training and if it is needed a good natural supplement. Proper nutrition will help you achieve better muscle strength, faster recovery and greater reconstruction.

No.1: Standing Dumbbell Curl

In an upright position, select the dumbbells best for your physical condition and prepare for the exercise.

With your legs slightly spread (approximately at shoulder opening), slowly and steadily raise your arms with the dumbbells.

So simple?

No. There are some secrets.

Though it is probably the most popular exercise for biceps, many still use it incorrectly.
Both the choice of dumbbell (its weight) and the way you will manage it during the exercise play a catalytic role in the result.
Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.
The movements you make when lifting and lowering the dumbbells to their original position must be slow and completely controlled.
You should not let the load determine the movement (for the reason the correct choice of weight is important)

(4 sets of 12 repetitions)

No.2: Upright Bends with Dumbbell in Vertical Position (Hammer Curl)

In a position as in previous exercise, you perform the bends, but this time with the dumbbells in a vertical handle (perpendicular to the ground).

In this way, you activate more the biceps muscle and significantly increase muscle gains.

(4 sets of 12 repetitions)

No.3: Chin-Ups

Although primarily considered as an exercise for the back, however, these pulls are also ideal for strengthening the biceps.

It is not a simple exercise, aiming more at advanced persons rather than beginners, as requires experience and strength to be able to activate the biceps with it.
However, if you manage it, be sure you will be compensated.
It is one of the exercises for great muscle gains in the biceps if performed right.
Not too many repetitions, as it is quite a difficult exercise and might lead to injuries. 

(3 sets of 6 repetitions)

No.4: Decline Bench Dumbbell Curl

Adjust the bench to the desired inclination and lie face down. You take the dumbbells (in the proper weight) in your hands, with a grip palms look upwards.

It is an exercise suitable for advanced and beginners.
The position you take on the bench keeps your legs and torso stable and does not charge them. This way you can focus clearly on the bends you are doing without worrying about the posture of the rest of the body.
By slightly changing the grip of the dumbbells, you can apply variations of the same exercise focusing on slightly different parts of your biceps.

(4 sets of 12 repetitions)

No.5: Upright Rotating Biceps with Dumbbells (Zottman Curl)

Performed with the same body positioning as that of the classic upright bends, only you rotate your grip when raising and lowering the dumbbells, meaning  that as you raise the dumbbells, the palms face up, while lowering them, the palms face the floor.

This exercise is very effective as with this rotation exercises all the heads of biceps, giving significant muscular benefits.

(4 sets of 12 - 15 repetitions)

No.6: Standing Barbell Curl

You can alternatively do the bends of the biceps with a barbell, needing strong muscle gains.

In addition to biceps muscle, also exercises the other arm muscles, as well as the "duck" (the brachial plexus muscle).
It is another exercise in which determination and stability in the movement of the load play and correct technique play important role.

(3 - 4 sets of 8 - 10 repetitions)

No.7: Cable Crossover Biceps Curl

This exercise trains almost all the arm muscles effectively, nevertheless especially the biceps, which may be strengthened significantly.

The palm on the pulley handles should always be facing up and the movement should be slow and steady, absolutely controlled (without letting the pulley guide the speed of your movement).
The torso should remain firm and stable from the point of stopping. When performing the bends, it is very important that elbows reach the sides and rest on them so that the bending process is complete.

(3-4 sets of 12 repetitions)