Top Minecraft Servers You need For Better Gaming Experience

Minecraft presents a satisfying single-player gaming experience, but there is a lot more in-store when you get on the multiplayer mode.

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Minecraft is such a fascinating game that it does not just attract the generation Z; in fact, adults are obsessed with it. Nowadays, several companies and individuals like to host their Minecraft game on the internet using the internet hosting service known as Minecraft Game Hosting Service. Undoubtedly, Minecraft presents a satisfying single-player gaming experience, but there is a lot more in-store when you get on the multiplayer mode. It is possible when you leverage one of the Minecraft servers. When hosted online, the server enables players to pay it together with buddies.

Also, there are various other advantages of the Minecraft servers. However, without proper knowledge about the server, you might end up picking the wrong one. If you don't want to spoil your gaming mood, read our guide below to choose the right one.

Why Do You Need a Minecraft Server?

You need a dedicated and secure Minecraft server for a seamless Minecraft experience on your device. The best Minecraft servers are an excellent way to get incredible customization options and better command over the game.

Fully Secured

Security is the first concern for many online gamers. On this note, the best Minecraft servers provide a control panel that enables you to restrict your server users.

Additionally, a secure network feature, such as DDoS, secures your data, and alleviates cyberattacks. Thus, get better privacy and play Minecraft stress-free.

Uninterrupted Gameplay

No need to fret about having a slow gaming experience with other applications running in your device's background. The best Minecraft servers do not affect resource usage.

The hosting packages offered by Minecraft servers provide high-performance CPUs and SSD that save your game from slowing down. Hence, your game performance will improve.


If you want a virtual private server for Minecraft, Hostinger is your best bet. Hostinger is among the most favored and the best Minecraft servers due to its amazingly affordable deals. Having some technical skills to use this server efficiently is an added advantage.

It uses robust VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans for game admins that help adjust Minecraft hosting parameters. As soon as you register and pay for the account, this secure host site provides one-click VPS access and instant setup ease.

Additionally, VPS offers you entirely dedicated resources coupled with storage and CPU. It lets you do as many advanced variations as you desire. Moreover, your game performance will not be affected.

You can host various Minecraft Server installations using this easy to use and flexible platform. From a single virtual device, a player can even install BungeeCord and operate a network of Minecraft worlds.

This server is also compatible with iOS and Android platforms that help you enjoy the benefits anywhere and anytime.

You'll get 24/7 customer support via live chat and ticketing on Hostinger. Sometimes you may find a glitch in the chat system; nevertheless, you receive an instant response from the hosting provider.

Apex Hosting

The next great addition to our list of the best Minecraft servers is Apex Hosting provided by bestlaptopbrands. It boasts 15 worldwide locations for servers and packages, beginning with an introductory 1GB of RAM extending to 16GB RAM. Thus, the server can support small and large servers alike.

The plans at Apex are compatible with Minecraft Java as well as Minecraft Bedrock. Moreover, you get a custom subdomain option on all the packages.

Its powerful infrastructure is one of the best reasons behind its popularity among the masses. The servers are run on this host with Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 processors at ECC DDR4 RAM, 3.50GHz, RAID SSDs. Further, the server guarantees 99.9% uptime, which offers it high availability.

They have extensive support for Minecraft, such as video tutorials, a user-friendly control panel, and ease of running Minecraft servers in just five minutes.

Lastly, users will also get customer support through a ticketing system along with a live chat.


ScalaCube is another great game hosting site in the best Minecraft servers list. With one-click instant setup ease, users can set up a plethora of game slots with a single VPS server.

The server offers multiple plans, ranging from 768 MB to 32 GB RAM. The highlight of ScalaCube is that you get regular offsite backups of every Minecraft server.

The hosting server lets you join your server via the launcher and connect instantly with other online players. Besides, you can control a vast number of online players on it.

The server provides good customer assistance; however, no support will be available during weekends.


ServerMiner is a gem in the Minecraft server hosting world! Introduced in the year 2012, it is one of the oldest hosters online.

With a price starting from less than $5 per Gigabyte of RAM, this hosting server is the perfect option if you are a novice player and low on budget. It offers 1.5 to 10GB RAM and five plans; thus ideal for small to midrange servers.

The ServerMiner enables you to install the Minecraft game versions and favorite mod packs with one-click. The rental servers even provide free daily backups and some freebies.

The servers are powered with 4X 16GB RAM, Intel Xeon E5 1650 v2 and v3 CPUs, and 2x 240GB RAID redundant SSDs. However, it comes with a player limit of 10 slots per GB of RAM. Hence, you can opt for this server if you like to play games with limited friends and don't require unlimited slots to play Minecraft.

It's one of the best Minecraft servers, enabling you to track multiple player activity metrics and generate a world map according to players' locations. In this way, you can track user behavior, understand your players better, and configure your server as needed.

Wrapping up...

No doubt, Minecraft turned into one of the all-time favorite game franchises for many gaming aficionados. To enhance your gaming session, make sure you choose one of the best Minecraft servers.