Protesters demonstrate outside the prime minister's residence in Balfour.
Divisions among Americans in Israel Reflect Those in US

Republicans, Democrats in Jewish state blast each other’s national confabs as GOP gathering enters third day.

David Goldfein, Jewish US Air Force chief, is stepping down

Goldfein, 60, stepped down as scheduled on Thursday.

Pikachu pokemon card sells at auction for world record $233,000

Of the 39 cards released initially, only 10 remain, making it "the most valuable and rarest card in the world."

Former college footballer makes life-saving catch to rescue boy from fire

The three-year-old was plummeting to the ground when Philip Blanks dived in to catch him.

Why do Americans think Israelis are stupid?

None of the critics knows yet what the government is going to do.

ISRAEL’S FIRST president Chaim Weizmann presents US president Harry Truman with a Torah in 1948.
Harry Truman and the cause of Jewish statehood

Truman acted on behalf of the Jews in the creation of the State of Israel decisively at critical moments when his action made all the difference.

The American house is burning

I have believed that blacks and Jews are united not through a shared history of mutual suffering but a shared commitment to mutual values.

MISS NAVAJO NATION Autumn Montoya talks to Deb Haaland (D-New Mexico), one of the first Native Ameri
Native Americans and American culture

The Magazine compiled this list for the reader who might be curious to learn more about Native American cultures and their histories, as well as more contemporary happenings.

American pressure to close the depraved China wet markets

The wet markets are an ethical abomination and a global public health hazard, which moral countries must pressure China to shutter.

Rabbi Norman Lamm
Mindy Lamm, wife of Yeshiva U president emeritus Rabbi Dr Lamm, dies

"In memory of our dear Aunt Mindy Lamm, who held aloft the entire world until she was felled by this murderous affliction," her niece wrote in a Facebook post.

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