3D print of HIV surface protein gp120. An antibody also is attached at the top (green and blue). Whe

New HIV vaccine can produce strong antibodies - study

The study notes the obstacle to creating a vaccine that can induce strong antibodies that can neutralize HIV strains.

Scientists find COVID-19 antibodies that can make boosters unnecessary

Researchers at Tel Aviv University found two antibodies that neutralize all known strains of COVID-19 with up to 95% efficiency.

Deauthorized COVID-19 treatments still administered in 2022 - study

Researchers discovered that in early 2022, hospitals administered 158,000 doses of unauthorized monoclonal antibody treatments.

This antibody may protect against COVID-19 and all its variants - study

The antibody in question was easily induced in rhesus macaque monkeys and provided broad protection against not just COVID-19 and variants but other SARS viruses.


Blood cancer patients gain COVID-19 antibodies if given vaccine booster - study

Blood cancer patients, already at high risk, often did not develop antibodies against COVID-19 from the first shot. But the booster and antibody therapy can provide a better shield.

3D print of HIV surface protein gp120. An antibody also is attached at the top (green and blue). Whe

New rapid test measures immunity to COVID-19

The study, conducted at Mount Sinai, is one of the first to successfully measure T cell responses, which may be able to ensure protection after antibodies are gone.

Israeli researchers find a new, natural weapon for fighting cancer

Natural antibodies found in tumors could point the way toward improved immunotherapy, according to a new Weizmann Institute study, a potential cancer breakthrough.

Children infected by COVID continue to have antibodies - How protected are they?

Study shows that children infected with COVID-19 continue to have antibodies at least six months afterwards, but protection against Omicron still unclear.

COVID-19: How many antibodies are enough? - opinion

Evusheld is a new medication from AstraZeneca designed specifically for people who are immunocompromised.


Antibody quality improves for months after COVID-19 vaccination- study

Even low levels of antibodies would continue to provide some protection against disease, the researchers said — as long as the virus doesn’t change.

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