Strep A: How you can spot the deadly illness - explainer

Streptococcus A can cause a wide variety of infections, from a mild illness to a life-threatening one, from a sore throat to invasive bacterium.

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!

Here's why you shouldn't warm up chicken in the microwave

Studies have found that smaller, portable devices may not be able to heat or cook frozen chicken enough to kill various bacteria.

By Walla!

Why is there poop that floats in the toilet and poop that sinks?

You may think that this is disgusting but you must have thought about this at least once. Our bodies are machines that are simultaneously gross and wonderful. So, here’s the answer.

By Walla!

Botswana investigates elephant deaths near Chobe National Park

Two years after a natural toxin killed 300 elephants, a new spate of elephant deaths has authorities wondering what caused the deaths this time.


Why did a flock of sheep move in a circle continuously for two weeks?

A mysterious video captured a herd of sheep continuously moving in a circle for 14 days in northern China.

By Walla!

Is there life on Mars? Conan the Barbarian bacteria suggests maybe - study

The discovery that Conan the Bacterium could have survived Mars-like conditions suggests that bacteria native to the Red Planet might have developed the capacity to do the same.

Finding the proper cooking space is crucial in order to make the kitchens more functional and useful

Forget about cutting boards: This is the dirtiest item in your kitchen

We're used to thinking of cutting boards and towels as the most germ-contaminated places in the kitchen, but a new study has revealed that there's one other thing we should be far more concerned of.

By Walla!

Could ancient genes be the key to solving modern-day sicknesses? - study

The genes, called 'retrotransposon Gag-like' 5 and 6 (Rtl5 and Rtl6), are found in nearly all mammals.

We all do this while we're on the toilet – and we should definitely stop

Who among us doesn't pass the time on the toilet playing on our phones? This habit is definitely bad. Here's why:


The truth behind airplane lavatories — A flight attendant explains

A veteran flight attendant shared grim insider information about the state of airplane toilets.

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