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Yair Netanyahu testifies in 'Crime Minister' defamation lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that the former prime minister's son posted false and defamatory publications about the movement and its people on Twitter.

Bennett should live in Jerusalem - editorial

Since taking office six months ago, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has neither slept at nor hosted a world leader at the official prime ministerial residence.

1917: The birth of the Balfour Declaration

In photos of Arthur Balfour's face, I recognized the happiness he felt for writing the Balfour Declaration. Through those pictures, I can never forget him.


Netanyahu spent NIS 70k to fix air conditioner in last days as PM- report

Netanyahu contacted officials at the Prime Minister's Office and asked to replace a component called 'Chiller' in the main air conditioner at his home.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu boarding the plane to Athens

High Court rules PMO must hand over 2015 expenditure invoices

The High Court ruled that the Prime Minister's Office would have 90 days to hand the NGO 220 previously unreleased invoices from the famous residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.

A fake moving truck titled "Crime Minister Movers" on Balfour comes to "Take Bibi home"

Netanyahu family vacates Balfour after 12 years

Starting Sunday, the residence will be used by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. However, the newly-elected prime minister's family is not expected to move in.

Will Benjamin Netanyahu depart Balfour this weekend?

Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to leave Balfour by this Saturday.

Activists protest Herzog inauguration due to former Netanyahu-spokesman

Chants of "You won't be the spokesman" from protesters were loud enough that they could be heard during the outdoor phase of Herzog's inauguration ceremony.

Activists protest hiring of former Netanyahu spokesperson by president

Ihia's time working as Netanyahu's spokesman for the past two years has caused an uproar among anti-Netanyahu activists.

Meyer Habib

French politician shows moving boxes while visiting Netanyahu at Balfour

Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, are expected to depart from the Prime Minister's Official Residence on July 10, as per the agreement made with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

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