Ben Shapiro

Jordan Peterson, controversial right-wing lecturer, to visit Israel

In addition to his work as a media personality and author, Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.

Why is Netanyahu releasing a biography three weeks after elections? - opinion

Hopefully, someone went over all 736 pages of Bibi’s autobiography (in English) to correct embarrassing factual inaccuracies, such as those appearing in his interview with Shapiro.

On Ben Shapiro and aliyah

Even geniuses make mistakes: Ben Shapiro is sending a very wrong message to his legions of followers by unwittingly diminishing the importance of aliyah.

Jews, non-Christians not part of conservative movement - GOP candidate consultant

Both Republicans and Democrats have called on Mastriano to withdraw his ad campaign from the Gab social media platform.


Ben Shapiro visits Temple Mount with his father - report

Ben Shapiro had said earlier in his visit that "you can't visit Israel without going up to the Temple Mount."

Ben Shapiro: Reform Judaism does not see Jewish identity as important

Speaking at the CPAC Israel event in Tel Aviv, Shapiro explained why he personally wouldn't make aliyah – and why he doesn't see Reform Judaism as a viable option.


Ben Shapiro: US should learn from Israel’s common sense of destiny

The lessons Shapiro said Israel should take from the US are mostly in the economic sphere.

American conservatives ensure US-Israel 'historic bonds' never break - CPAC head

"If America embraces this idea that Israel should be boycotted — which a lot of people in the Democratic Party want to do — it would be tragic, and we're trying to make sure that never happens."

'Ben Shapiro, you've spun your last dreidel' - armed activist in video

Groyper movement activist Aidan Duncan joked about shooting American Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro in an Instagram video.

Ben Shapiro headlining int'l conference in Israel

The event is co-hosted by CPAC, Tel Aviv International Salon, Sella Meir and Shibolet Press.

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