brit mila

When mohel unavailable, family takes circumcision into its own hands

Noam and Elisheva Fogel, Jewish Agency emissaries to New Zealand, welcomed Eden Refael to the world just two days before the coronavirus lockdown in the country began.

Russia has a full-time surgeon whose only job is circumcising Jewish men

Dr. Yeshaya Shafit is Russia’s only mohel, or professional circumciser, for adult men.

Brit mila
In brit, the baby comes first - opinion

Metzitza b’peh needs to stop now. There is absolutely no reason for the practice to continue.

Baby crying [Illustrative]
3-week-old baby hospitalized with brain infection after brit gone wrong

Evidence of newborn herpes infections accompanied by brain infections and their connection to the 'oral suction' in circumcisions have been widely described in medical history for the past 200 years.

Brit mila
Does global anti-brit mila campaign contribute to antisemitism?

What is deemed as an attack on a fundamental ethic of Judaism can be construed as an assault on the Jewish people.

Belgian MP to submit legislation to protect circumcision

‘Brit milah is under attack in Belgium,’ says Michael Freilich

Abu Dhabi skyline from marine
First Jewish circumcision ceremony held in the United Arab Emirates

The ceremony was for the child of a Jewish couple who moved to Abu Dahbi for work.

Members of the White family greet Beth and Paul White at Ben Gurion airport Thursday morning
Brit on the Fourth of July

Beth and Paul White, from New Rochelle, New York became Israel's newest citizens just in time to attend the brit mila of their sabra grandchild.

Bris brings hope to Ethiopian community

“After this we broke out in spontaneous singing and dancing,” said Raziel. “Elijah the Prophet brings generations together, and his presence was definitely felt.”

Open your hearts to fertility-challenged couples

In standard Israeli discourse, acceptance to a community is usually based on common ideological, religious and national issues.

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