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Mexican lawmakers take up sweeping cannabis legalization bill

Lawmakers are now rushing to try to meet a Dec. 15 deadline set by the Supreme Court for legalization aiming to remove the drug as a source of income for violent drug gangs.

Israel to legalize, regulate recreational cannabis market within 9 months

After receiving government approval, the bills will be rewritten into a new law under the supervision of Blue and White MK Michal Cotler-Wunsh.

Knesset's Committee for legalizing cannabis publishes its recommendations

The committee recommended that cannabis be sold in designated shops to both Israelis and tourists over the age of 21.

Israeli company reports first ever successful genetically edited cannabis

CanBreed says that using genome editing capabilities, they will be able to develop plants which exhibit improved agronomical traits which would make cannabis farming more affordable and sustainable.

Israeli smokable cannabis sticks to hit US market in January

The main upside to these smokable sticks is their consistency. The sticks allow for accurate, measured doses of cannabis extracts, making them much easier to regulate worldwide.

New Jersey, Arizona legalize recreational marijuana

Oregon also legalized the use of magic mushrooms for therapeutic use.

10,000 cannabis plants found near IDF officer training base

3,500 plants were found in cave used for drying, totaling 50kg.

Hashish in Israel: Jewish pirates, stuffed camels and ‘Reefer Madness’

A new book chronicles the rollicking social history of hashish in Mandatory Palestine and Israel.

New technology passes cannabis to brain through blood-brain barrier

The new technology could potentially help with the development of treatments for a variety of diseases including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, chronic pain and brain cancer.

A worker touches a cannabis plant at a growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern
Medical cannabis doesn't cause cognitive decline in seniors, study finds

"Although the cannabis patients have been using it consistently for at least a year, we have not found that their cognitive function is lower than of people similar to them in age and background."

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