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A man prepares a cigarette mixed with marijuana during Cannatech 2017, an annual global cannabis ind

IDF cracking down on troops who smoke cannabis

"The use of drugs violates the norms and values of the IDF and its mission of protecting the State of Israel," said the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

A cancer patient in the US holds a roll of 'medi-j

Medical cannabis social networking app launches in Israel

The app is part of Belong.Life's network of medical apps aimed at improving quality of life.

Sacha Baron Cohen sues Massachusetts company over Cannabis commercial

Sacha Baron Cohen is suing the company for placing his image on a billboard to promote a produce he doesn't use and deems "controversial."

Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy with the special NFT created for new President Isaac Herzog.

Knesset speaker blocks MK with COVID-19 from voting

His decision put in jeopardy votes on bills supported by the coalition, including a Basic Law setting the rules for a rotation government and a bill that would legalize and decriminalize cannabis.


Cannabis bill delayed at Mansour Abbas's request

His request also prevented the bill from being defeated due to the absence of a coalition MK diagnosed with COVID-19, Vladimir Beliak (Yesh Atid).

US Senate democrats roll out draft bill to legalize cannabis

While adult use of cannabis is legal in 18 states, and allowed medically in 37, it remains illegal under US federal law, deterring banks and other businesses from dealing with cannabis companies.

MK Sharren Haskel before the cannabis legalization vote

Cannabis decriminalization to be Bennett's next coalition battle

Coalition chairwoman Idit Silman has said that she will 'learn from the opposition' and vote accordingly.


Ministerial committee advances cannabis decriminalization

By the end of September, the government expects Israelis will be able to carry 50 grams of cannabis, or 15 seeds, for recreational use, and reclassify CBD as a food additive.

Man arrested for allegedly dripping cannabis into his baby's feeding tube

A man has been arrested for dripping cannabis drops into his baby's feeding tube. Two months ago he was caught after having kidnapped the baby from hospital.

Liberman's structural reforms: Infrastructure, bureaucracy and cannabis

Israel has not had a state budget since mid-2018 due to political gridlock, and Liberman has stressed that passing a budget by November is his top priority.

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