'Lifesaving Test': The treatment that can save breast cancer patients from chemotherapy

"It saved my life on an emotional level. I was spared all of that suffering."

By Yali Levy
A tray containing cancer cells sits on an optical microscope in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School

New Israeli, South Korean nanodrug precisely attacks chemo-resistant cancer

A single nanoparticle does two jobs: enhancing the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reinvigorating the immune system.

Dental developmental anomalies differ in childhood cancer patients - study

Researchers found that combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy indicated an increased risk of DDA.

A PATIENT receives chemotherapy treatment

Meet the 22-year-old stuck in the body of an eight-year-old

This woman is stuck in the body of a girl. She’s 22, but at first glance she looks like she’s eight.

By Walla!

Original breakthrough cancer research from Sheba presented in workshop

The medical professionals being brought to the medical center received an intensive three-day training course in pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy for late-stage cancer.

A woman getting her hair cut for donation in the "Braid of Strength" campaign

Braid of strength: Hair donation campaign launches for cancer patients

Pantene and Zichron Menachem, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting young cancer patients and their families, are teaming up for the eighth year to gather hair donations from women.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

Cancer treatments significantly affected by diet, researchers find

Changes in diet can increase the toxicity of a chemotherapeutic drug by up to 100-fold.


Cancer talk: ‘You’re not sick enough’

“You’re not sick enough to write about your health,” my friend intoned. “No one will take you seriously unless you’re close to death.”


How are you?’ – 18 months later

Over the course of the last year and a half, I’ve replied in different ways at different points in my treatment.

A MARRIAGE proposal.

Cancer becomes matchmaker for British-Israeli couple

"People who have had cancer understand you in a way others can't"

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