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Coronavirus vaccine less effective on leukemia patients – Israeli study

The response was lowest among patients who were in the process of receiving treatment, with only 16% of them developing antibodies.

Coronavirus: Number of serious patients drops below 200

At the peak of the pandemic some 1,200 people were in serious condition.

Why the Indian COVID mutation should worry Israelis - analysis

The Indian variant is a “double mutation.” One aspect of it appears to make the virus more infectious.

A woman tries a new Apple Watch

Can your Apple Watch tell you if you have COVID-19?

Apple is teaming up with UW and Seattle Flu Study to find out if smart watches can detect early signs of respiratory illness.


Israel’s coronavirus rules changed again - here are the details

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein: "We must make every effort to open the maximum possible with the least risk for students."

The Alon Command Center

IDF corona unit head tells ‘Post’ his unit cut down deaths by 25-30%

"Corona is not over yet, and we are ready for every possible scenario," he said.


Coronavirus: Serious patients drop below 300 for the 1st time in 4 months

At the peak of the pandemic around mid-January, the number of serious patients stood for several days at 1,200.

Interest in aliyah from US soars despite pandemic-era challenges

“We’ve seen unprecedented interest since spring 2020,” said Marc Rosenberg, “past national or international events sparked inquiries and applications, but never like this.”


COVID-19 ‘R’ rise might be due to technicality, health official says

“As long as the R rate remains below 1, and even more so below 0.8, I do not think there is a reason to worry, and we can continue to open up our economy,” Public Health Services head said.

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