A man cries as he carries his daughter while walking from an Islamic State-controlled part of Mosul

Timeline: the rise and fall of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

The "caliphate" was declared defeated today by Syrian Democratic Forces commander Mustafa Bali.


Islamic State defeated, 'caliphate' eliminated - U.S.-backed SDF

"Baghouz has been liberated. The military victory against Daesh has been accomplished," wrote the head of the Syrian Democratic Forces on Twitter.

A US soldier guards a convoy with anti-ISIS envoy Brett McGurk in it last year.

What comes after ISIS? The day after Daesh

Israeli intelligence assessment finds 150,000-200,000 Islamic State militants left around the world.

U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he disembarks Air Force One after arriving in Singapore June 10

The Trump Doctrine and the end of the ‘new world order’

Washington has called the ‘instability’ bluff, and it worked, but it has ushered in a multipolar world in its place.

Jim Mattis

Five reasons US comments on staying in Syria matter

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says US is shifting to stabilizing eastern Syria, which will mean more diplomats and contractors.

theresa may antisemitism jews england

Britain's May tells troops in Cyprus that Islamic 'caliphate' crushed

Britain has about 3,100 military personnel stationed at two compounds in Cyprus.


La recomposition du Moyen-Orient après la chute de Daesh

En l’absence d’une stratégie claire de l’Occident, l’avenir de la région semble dépendre essentiellement des acteurs locaux

Iraq declares final victory over Islamic State

"We have accomplished a very difficult mission. Our heroes have reached the final strongholds of Daesh and purified it."


Disparition du front sunnite contre l’Iran

Le désengagement des Etats-Unis au Moyen-Orient laisse le champ libre à Téhéran

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

Iraq launches final offensive on Islamic State, near Syrian border

Islamic State's self-declared cross-border caliphate effectively collapsed in July, when US-backed Iraqi forces captured Mosul, the group's de facto capital in Iraq

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