6 million-year-old 'elephant graveyard' unearthed in Florida

The paleontologists uncovered the full skeletons of at least one adult and seven infant gomphotheres.

Woman finds ancient mastodon tooth on beach

The tooth belonged to a Pacific mastodon, a creature that went extinct over 10,000 years ago

Study claims elephants are self-domesticated, experts disagree

Elephants may be the only species next to humans, and possibly bonobo apes, to have domesticated themselves - this is the bold claim a recent study makes.

Elephant extinction could have major impact on atmospheric carbon levels, researchers say

The possible extinction of these giants found in the wild could have detrimental effects on the environment.

Neanderthals hunted, butchered elephants, study reveals

The evidence comes from the Neumark-Nord 1 site near Halle, Germany, where 3,122 bones, tusks, and teeth have been found.

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