Emmanuel Macron

Macron to Knesset Speaker Ohana: 'We warned Iran against attacking Israel'

Ohana presented Macron with the current situation and requested that he continue to stand by Israel, just as he did immediately after Hamas's October 7 attack.

'Stop the war' Macron, Sisi, Abdullah demand immediate ceasefire in joint op-ed

They claimed a famine is setting in Gaza and that Israel is "obligated to ensure the flow of humanitarian assistance" on the exact same day that over 400 humanitarian aid trucks entered the enclave.

Macron says terrorists who hit Russia had tried to attack France

French officials were holding a meeting on Monday to look at specific measures to step up security, such as checking bags on entrance to concert halls or places of worship.

Palestinians take part in a rally marking the 31st anniversary of Hamas' founding, in Gaza City

Readiness to recognize Palestinian state is a 'reward for terrorism,' says Israeli FM

"Recognition sends a message to Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorist organizations that murderous terror attacks on Israelis will be reciprocated with political gestures to the Palestinians."


Macron sharpens tone on Israel: Seeks proposal to end war, create Palestinian state

Macron reiterated his opposition to military action in Rafah and noted that any forced transfer of the Gazan population would constitute a war crime according to international law.


NATO intervention in Ukraine appears to be all talk

Macron’s statement also comes at a time when the US position on support for Ukraine has been watered down due to partisan disputes in Congress.

Int'l leaders cant seem to keep their promises on a Palestinian state

While many International leaders have expressed interest in creating a Palestinian state for the sake of peace, few real options of actualizing this interest seem to exist.


Macron: Recognition of Palestinian statehood is not taboo for France

The United States and European countries have mostly held that Palestinian statehood recognition should be granted only once there is a final arrangement for a two-state resolution to the conflict.

French President Emmanuel Macron attemds a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims of October 7

Families of October 7 massacre touched, grateful for memorial ceremony in Paris

The ceremony started with soldiers of the French republican Guard, dressed in blue and black, carrying the pictures of the 42 victims, as the French army orchestra played.


French, Jordanian airforces drop medical aid to Gaza

A French presidency official said the operation, which took place on Thursday night, involved a French aircraft and a Jordanian plane.

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