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Yitzhak Time, candidate for leader of the Labor Party

Ethiopian immigrant joins Labor leadership race

Candidates also include MK, casino millionaire, adman and belly dancer


Ethiopian immigration absorption policy trap: Equality or discrimination?

This trap is apparent in higher education policy where, through attempts to offer equitable collective support, there are deep discriminatory practices.


Music underscores social message at Israeli-Ethiopian arts festival

“It doesn’t make any difference whether we were born here, speak Hebrew fluently and unaccented, or do the army, we are always looked upon differently because of our skin color.”


Ethiopian-Israeli activists denounce PM for failure to fulfill aliyah vow

Activists are now also concerned that a military operation by the Ethiopian government in the northern province of Tigray could endanger the Falash Mura community in the northern city of Gondar.

Ethiopian-Israeli activists to return to demonstrations

The demonstration comes on the fifth anniversary of what they claim is the Netanyahu government's failure to bring a cohort of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Sigd holiday, November 16, 2020

Deputy minister calls for Sigd to be celebrated by all Jews

‘We did not invent the wheel. We kept one of the most important days in the history of the people of Israel, no less than Yom Kippur’

AN ETHIOPIAN-ISRAELI spiritual leader participates in the main Sigd holiday prayer gathering at the

Israel prepares for Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd under lockdown

Sigd - a unique Ethiopian Jewish holiday marking the deep connection between the Ethiopian Jewish community and Jerusalem - will be celebrated on Monday.

Aliyah Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata

Pnina Tamano-Shata: From the desert to the Knesset

Tamano-Shata is a proud member of Beta Israel, the formal name for the community of Jews from Ethiopia.


Aliyah of 2,000 Ethiopians approved by government

"It is time to connect the torn families, embrace them and integrate them in the best way here in Israel alongside their families."

Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam

The story behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Despite the controversy, Ethiopia must build the dam river in order to meet the urgent development needs of its growing population.

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