ethiopian women

Those we’ve left behind…

As thousands of Ethiopian Jewish community members still languish in Addis Ababa and Gondar, a few are finally coming home – without their married children.

Be patient and the dream will come true

“I knew I had to work with the Ethiopian community because I know how difficult it is for the families not to be able to decide for their kids."

From Ethiopia to Israel, living the dream

For me, Operation Moses was nothing short of a fairytale, a miracle, and a dream.

Women who took part in a project ahead of International Women's Day (marked on March 8), hug during
Comment: why are no women being tapped to lead the Jewish Agency?

US Jewish leaders want Israel to recognize egalitarianism, but they are ignoring women.

Ethiopian Jewish
Income for Ethiopian citizens lags behind Israeli average, study finds

Ethiopian Israelis earn thousands of shekels less per month than the average earned by Israelis overall, Taub Center for Social Policy Studies says

#46 Adenko Sebhat-Haimovich, Esther Tapeta Gard - Ethiopian trailblazers

The two women are the first female Ethiopian judges to be selected to serve the nation.

Israeli medical services
Israeli doctors give the gift of sight

Ayana, 3, is one of some 3,000 Ethiopians who have been cured of eye disease by an Israeli medical team

NEWLY APPOINTED Judge Ednaki Sebhat Haimowitz shakes hand with President Reuven Rivlin yesterday at
Ethiopian Israeli women appointed judges

Although there is no shortage of Ethiopian-Israeli lawyers, none had previously reached the bench.

Ethiopian olim arrive in Israel
Ethiopian aliya resumes as first group arrives in Israel

Tears of happiness were shed Sunday night as some of those families were reunited after having been apart for as long as ten years.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom
Ethiopia lacks a model of leadership

THE LOCAL independent Ethiopian citizens’ news agencies are reporting outside the country that there is a huge popular mobilization against the government.

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