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West Bank's Evyatar yeshiva, settlement plans can advance - report

Evyatar hilltop construction may be able to move forward without any legal reason to prevent it.

Warnings of Palestinian intifada as IDF remains on alert in West Bank

Violence has also been high in Burka, which clashes breaking out between the army and Palestinians there when the IDF closed down the village in the aftermath of the Dimentman killing.

Israeli Minister pledges to block authorization of West Bank Evyatar outpost

Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev spoke after PM Bennett said he will honor his pledge to some 50 families who illegally moved to the West Bank hilltop to authorize the outpost.

Vowing to return, settlers leave Evyatar outpost

Based on the agreement brokered this week, an army base will be placed on the rocky hilltop.

Bennett's first four under-fire tests on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The sequence of events that are likely to unfold in the coming week, let alone the coming month, would be a test under fire for any new prime minister.

Israeli Police arrest a Palestinian protesterfollowing Right-wing politician Itamar Ben Gvir press c

Palestinian teenager killed in West Bank protests, riots continue in Acre

Some 400 protesters threw rocks and fireworks at police near Evyatar; dozens of Arabs were arrested in Acre; Three suspects arrested after Temple Mount prayers.

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