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Falafel shop owner claims police assault after opening amid COVID lockdown

The owner, Ilan Atlan, 50, and his son were eventually arrested by police, after reinforcements arrived at the scene.

AN ANNUAL falafel celebration helps David Dugo Leitner commemorate his mother and his survival

A Trader Joe’s hack: Falafel schnitzel

Try serving these with some amba (pickled mango sauce) or a tahini sauce.

Hummus and Falafel, Israel's favorite chickpea-based dishes

‘Kashrut shaming’ leads to backlash by celebrated falafel bar

The COVID-19 lockdown created severe difficulties for restaurants across the country which faced a catastrophic fall off in revenue during the height of the government's social-distancing.

Yuval Carmi, an Israeli falafel shop owner, with Prof. Kobi George at the Kaplan Medical Center

Crying Israeli falafel shop owner suffers heart attack

'It is definitely possible to say that he took these things to heart. Without a doubt'

Streets of Tel Aviv seen empty as the rocket sirens were heard on Thursday

Crying Israeli falafel shop owner becomes symbol for COVID19 economic toll

“Look at my wallet, it’s empty,” said the shop owner, Yuval Carmi, pulling out his wallet during the Channel 13 interview. “I don’t have a shekel in my pocket.”

Hummus and Falafel, Israel's favorite chickpea-based dishes

The pride of working in a falafel stand

When I broached the idea to one of the union heads at Magen David Adom he said to me: “I think you’re bored. Why don’t you go work at a falafel shop?”

Google Doodle honors the falafel balls

Google Doodle animation honors falafel

In Tuesday's animated Google Doodle, three falafel balls jump into a pita bread spread with either hummus or tahini and a salad, to replace Google's daily logo.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Independence Day for vegetarians

These are dishes that everyone in the family will love and will add lots of flavor and spice to your Independence Day activities.

Palestinian reporter claims Israel stole humus from the Palestinians.

Did Israel steal humus and falafel from the Palestinians?

“It is essential … to preserve the heritage and also the Palestinian foods” from the "occupation."

Would you eat it? Israeli Algae falafel wins prize

Last month the dish won first prize at the EIT Food Project competition held at the Haifa Technion.

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