fiber optics

fiber optics

Undersea fiber optic cable used to eavesdrop on whales - study

Léa Bouffaut: "This could be much like how satellite imagery coverage of the Earth has allowed scientists from many different fields to do many different types of studies of the Earth."


Israel’s fiber-optic deployment sets a global precedent

According to a study by the World Bank, Israel’s rapid and extensive deployment of fiber-optic internet infrastructure will boost the economy.

Fiber internet is coming to 330 Israeli cities, towns and villages

The attention being given to Haredi cities could be monumental in terms of enabling the ultra-Orthodox community to join the workforce.

Patrick Drahi

Britain warns Franco-Israeli entrepreneur Drahi after he lifts BT stake

Britain warned it would intervene if necessary to protect BT, the telecoms group building the country's critical fiber network.


How is water powering the Israeli fiber optics revolution?

The most unlikely new player in the country is fast-tracking the ability for Israelis to have access to high-speed fiber optics: Mekorot, Israel’s national water company.

The chaos in the communications market - opinion

the unbridled competition between communications companies reflects itself in the efforts of these companies to grab customers from each other.

Bezeq, Hot bring superfast Internet to the masses

Bezeq will offer 1GB surfing speeds on its new fiber optics network for about NIS 170 per month.

COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER and Derech Eretz Party chairman Yoaz Hendel.

Knesset Cabinet approves fiber optics enterprise

In areas where fiber optics have been introduced, the number of start-ups increased by 5%, the cost of living fell drastically and peripheral areas were significantly strengthened.

Fiber optics

Cable-X case heads to Complex Business Litigation court

Florida judge to decide whether to hear or dismiss case over alleged swindling of Israeli businessman by partners.

A worker holding a fiber optic cable

Israeli-owned Dutch company in legal battle over fiber optics in Miami

Cable-X BV is said to hold the exclusive patent rights to use technology that enables construction companies to convert older underground cables to fiber optics

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