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Inspection team heads for first Ukraine grain ship off Turkish coast

The inspection by Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and UN personnel working at a Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) in nearby Istanbul was expected to be completed around midday.


Link between processed meat and colon cancer found, say French health authorities

The French ANSES confirmed that nitrates and nitrites in pork and other processed meat products, such as sausages, increase the risk of colon cancer.

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin attends the Navy Day parade in Saint Petersburg, Russia July 25, 2

Ukraine war not first time Russia politicized food security - study

As its war with Ukraine rages, the Russia's emphasis on food security as a domestic and international tool is not a novel concept. 

Coordination center to move grain out of Ukraine, Kyiv and Ankara say

The United Nations said that a meeting with Ukraine and Russia has led to hope that the global food crisis will ease.


Leaders of Israel, US, India and the UAE meet for the inaugural 'I2U2' virtual summit

I2U2 stands for Israel, India (both starting with "I"), UAE and the United States (both starting with "U").

Israel, Kazakhstan host meeting on trade and economic cooperation

Israeli Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov discussed the possibility of importing wheat and flour to Israel, among other economic cooperation opportunities.

Israel and the importance of saving soil - opinion

Israel has invested an enormous 4.3% of its GDP into research and development, and its expertise in high precision, efficient agriculture has, according to Sadhguru, become a guide for the world


A food security pilot program has been added to Israel’s national budget

With NIS 155 million of annual support, the program aims to feed those in need, while granting struggling families the tools needed to escape food insecurity.

Zelensky says ‘millions could starve’ due to Russia blocking Ukraine’s ports

Shipments of essential goods from Ukraine's Black Sea ports, such as wheat and seed oil, have been stopped since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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