french jewish immigration to israel

Sunset at the Kinneret
French-Jewish tycoon plans 'Club Med’ for Kinneret shore

Laurent Levy buys 10 hectares zoned for 1,000 hotel rooms

French immigrant nurses protest against red tape in government

Elisabeth Ranassier, a registered nurse from France with 17 years of experience, does not work in her profession here because of the red tape.

French olim arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport, July 10, 2017.
200 French olim arrive aboard summer’s largest aliya flight from Europe

The French Jewish community is the largest in Europe and the second-largest in the world outside of Israel, numbering nearly half a million Jews.

Menachem  Begin
Has it really been 40 years since Israel's political revolution?

Likud’s first electoral victory produced a new political hegemon and an epoch of social transition, national defiance and cultural revolt.

Emmanuel Macron
France's Jewish community: In a state of fear

French Jews voted overwhelmingly for Emmanuel Macron, but are concerned he will pander to the country’s large Arab minority and fail to protect them.

France votes: Macron vs Le Pen
Analysis: Macron supporters fear the Clinton curse

The French election has been cast both at home and abroad as an extension of a worldwide conversation over globalization and the populist backlash against it.

Protesters climb on the statue in the Place de la République in Paris during a banned demonstration
My Word: Sound bites and echoes of war

When during the 2014 Gaza War I foresaw today’s attacks in Europe, it wasn’t a sixth sense but common sense combined with experience.

french olim
JPost Editorial: French aliya

Israel needs to do more to encourage French Jews, many of whom have undergone an Israelization process even if they continue to live in France.

Sarit Ben-Hanni French Olim
New French immigrants: ‘We don’t see a future in France anymore’

81 immigrants arrive on first IFCJ aliya flight of summer.

Les ados olim fragilisés
Nos ados sur la mauvaise pente

La crise d’adolescence s’exacerbe avec l’aliya. Les ministères de l’Intégration et des Affaires sociales mobilisent donc leurs troupes. Objectif : prévenir la déscolarisation des adolescents issus de l’immigration française, en quête d’identité, afin de prévenir leur dérive

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