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World's first cloned ferret could help rescue its endangered species

All black-footed ferrets living today are descended from only seven individuals, leading to a very limited genetic diversity.


Israeli startup working to develop chickens resistant to bird flu

"As is well known, the coronavirus has also been transmitted from animals to humans, so the risk to public health is real."

Groom Stas Granin kisses his new wife Yulia Tagil at the end of their alternative wedding ceremony i

Spit and learn: Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness week starts on Monday

The NGO JScreen is dedicated to preventing genetic illnesses. From Monday to Friday, the public is invited to attend free family-oriented webinars devoted to that issue.

Biden names Jewish geneticist Eric Lander for new Cabinet-level post

"Tremendously excited to work alongside so many bright minds to advise the President-elect and push the boundaries of what we dare to believe is possible. We need everyone," Lander said.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Hebrew U identifies genetic mutation that may aid autism therapy efforts

The research found that the mutation led to hyper-social behavior and learning disabilities and had impacts on physical development.

Israeli scientists develop breakthrough gene therapy for child deafness

“The findings are most promising: Treated mice developed normal hearing, with sensitivity almost identical to that of healthy mice who do not have the mutation,” Prof. Holt said.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Five key genes linked with the most severe form of COVID-19 - scientists

Researchers who studied the DNA of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units found that five genes were central to many severe cases.


TAU team wins gold at genetic engineering world championship

In terms of overall ranking, TAU's team beat out teams from leading universities like Harvard, MIT, Cornell and Stanford.

Israeli company reports first ever successful genetically edited cannabis

CanBreed says that using genome editing capabilities, they will be able to develop plants which exhibit improved agronomical traits which would make cannabis farming more affordable and sustainable.

Male and Female gender symbols

Body fat has different health risks in men and women - study

The research examines the specific differences between the genetic structure of fat in men and women, and determines their effects on the diseases each sex is more likely to get during their lives.

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