Israeli researchers develop new process for creating custom enzymes -study

Enzymes that are modified using this process, called the CADENZ Method, could have long-reaching impacts.

Why aren't humans covered in body hair like animals are? - study

Humans appear to have the genes for a full coat of body hair, but evolution has disabled them, a new study has found.

COVID: 28 new genetic loci found linked to severe symptoms - study

This non-peer-reviewed study helps shed light on some of the complex relationships between respiratory sickness, lung function and COVID-19 severity.

Woman finds out she is her daughter's mother - and uncle

The mother's DNA tests showed that she’s also the uncle of her daughter. Doctors realized that the mom was a human chimera with DNA from more than one fetus.

By Walla!

Have scientists found the gene that keeps you thin? - study

Recently, it has become clear that a gene called CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivator 1 (CRTC1) is associated with obesity in humans.

Y chromosome may be disappearing in humans, new study finds

While most mammals have an X and Y chromosome-based system similar to that of humans, many species have seen a gradual decline in Y chromosomes.

Stem cells

Israeli scientists derive male and female cells from same person for first time

A Hadassah team created male and female stem cells with the same genetic code from the same person that only differs in sex chromosomes.

Woman with cancer who had over a dozen tumors shows she has rare mutation - study

The discovery was made by an international team of researchers who took blood samples and used single-cell DNA sequencing to analyze genetic mutations.

Embryo-swap baby born, bio parents identity still unknown

In light of a report conducted by the Health Ministry of the IVF department in Assuta, the ministry is strongly considering shutting down the department after a hearing.  

By Meirav Cohen/Walla , JERUSALEM POST STAFF
Pregnant woman (Illustrative)

Family courts refuse to appoint legal guardian to embryo-swap baby

A pregnant woman found that the embryo implanted in her during IVF treatments does not genetically match her or her husband.

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