greenhouse gas

Will climate law save Israel from death by fire? - comment

The intensification of heat waves would threaten Israel’s agriculture, economy, and public health, potentially resulting in severe illnesses and loss of life. 

Greenhouse gases

Israeli government pushes for net zero by 2050 with climate bill

The urgency of the climate bill increased after a recent report showed that Israel had recorded its highest greenhouse gas emissions levels since 2012.

Noise pollution danger is hard to hear, this is why Israel must take action

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS: Hashiloni is the leader of a team of activists trying to ensure that the wind turbines are not erected close to his home further south. 

Israeli gov't to invest NIS 100 million in energy efficiency projects

The new projects are part of an Israeli government decision to be more energy efficient and increase renewable energy use on government properties, thereby significantly reducing costs.

Israel launches first hydrogen fuel station: Start of energy market revolution?

"We have no choice," Elbaz stressed. "The climate is changing. Temperatures are rising. We are running against the clock to improve things, so the next generation will not suffer."

Ministerial committee set to review Climate Bill on Sunday

The bill proposes measures for the government and other public agencies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to 50% of what they were in 2015 by 2030.

How can Israel go plastics-free? - opinion

Since plastics were invented in the 1950s, we have discovered that they are not good for the environment, our ecosystem, or our health, yet the world seems addicted to using them. 

A power station is seen in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod August 8, 2011

Israel reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in 10 years - OECD

The OECD highlighted how the discovery of offshore gas fields led Israel to transition out of coal and toward natural gas for electricity generation and improved the country’s energy security. 

Toyota’s electric cars will have wireless charging, thanks to Israeli tech

A new deal between Toyota and Electreon will yield built-in wireless charging for future Toyota EVs, as well as an easy-to-install kit.

Which Israeli companies are resolving climate change issues?

Given the great scale of climate change and the impending crisis facing the people of Earth, it is imperative that companies like these continue to grow and flourish.

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