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Over 500 fossil fuel lobbyists attend COP26 despite feeling 'unwelcome'

The fossil fuel lobby has more representatives at COP26 than the combined total of eight delegations from countries affected the worst by climate change over the last 20 years.

Climate change: Hungry caterpillars and their poop raise carbon emissions

Caterpillars might not seem the likely source of further emissions, but looks can be deceiving. 

UAE, US launch climate initiative at COP 26, supported by Israel

AIM for Climate will aspire to invest in climate-smart agricultural and food system initiatives to accelerate climate action around the world. 

Nearly 90 countries join pact to slash planet-warming methane emissions

Nearly 90 countries have joined the Global Methane Pledge to slash emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.


COP26: Israel to hit zero net emissions by 2050, Bennett pledges

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Energy Minister Karine Elharrar agreed to raise the emissions reduction target to zero net emissions by 2050.

Saudi Arabia targets net zero emissions by 2060

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his energy minister said Saudi Arabia would tackle climate change, but also stressed the continued importance of hydrocarbons.


Is renewable energy the answer to the climate crisis?

Renewable energy sources are drawn from natural resources which can be replaced over a relatively short period of time, unlike nonrenewable energy, or fossil fuels.

Greenhouse gases

World scrambles to contain damage as greenhouse gas levels hit record

The stakes for the planet - among them the impact on economic livelihoods the world over and the future stability of the global financial system.


After damning climate report, gov’t must take heed, energy expert says

Air pollution found to cost NIS 12.9b., with NIS 7.7b. due to greenhouse gases.

Israeli, Egyptian energy ministers discuss natural gas trade plans

The two ministers discussed ongoing cooperation in the field of natural gas, and future plans to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

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