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Israel to expand Efrat settlement by 7,000 homes, squeezing Bethlehem

Moving the 7,000 unit Givat HaEitam project forward, is one of a number of high level steps Bennett has taken to make his mark in the West Bank.

Ancient Judean ritual baths fill with water following intense winter rains

The baths are located south of Jerusalem in the West Bank, near the settlement of Neveh Daniel.

A VIEW of the Elon Moreh settlement in the West Bank.
Most Israelis never thought settlements were illegal

Middle Israel: It’s not the law, stupid

Ruben Mass house.
GRAPEVINE: Writing in Jerusalem, Honoring the Holocaust

Some 100 years earlier, German poet Heinrich Heine, who was born Jewish but converted to Christianity, wrote that where one burns books, one will in the end burn people.’ It was a fateful prophecy.

Netanyahu meets with settler leaders in Gush Etzion after the US stated that settlements are not ill
Netanyahu: U.S. legalization of Israeli settlements will stand test of time

When pressed by the 'Post' if his next step was the application of sovereignty, the prime minister brushed off the question.

Immigrants come together to celebrate ‘Yom Aliyah’

This year, the festivities included a fascinating tour of the Herodium and the Gush Etzion Art Fair plus a live music performance.

Palestinian and Israeli women who took part in the Roots women’s photography workshop plant a tree
Shorashim facilitates meetings between Israelis and Palestinians

For five years, Shorashim has facilitated meetings between Israeli settlers and Palestinians from nearby communities.

Jerusalem affairs: My sister, my hero

People with special needs and challenges are not prevented from making aliyah, but the state stipulates a few rules before they can become an Israeli citizen.

Jews, even settlers, have the right to protect themselves from harm

The insidious optics of terrorism

Book review: ‘The Jerusalem Post’ at its birth

A story of pre-state Israel and self-discovery.

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