Haaretz reporter arrested after questioning police

Weitz approached the officers in Tel Aviv as they were questioning a construction worker, asking what they were doing and explaining that he was a journalist.

The state of our democracy - opinion

We Israeli citizens really need to wake up and face the reality that Israel cannot call itself a democracy and at the same time prevent millions of people from having full democratic rights.

Israeli academics praise Ben & Jerry boycott in newspaper ad

More than 30 of the signatories included well-known academics, notably 21 professors from Hebrew University and 11 from Tel-Aviv University.

Police Officers stand guard during clashes between Palestians and Israeli police outside Damascus Ga

Hundreds of Palestinians protest barriers in Jerusalem during Ramadan

This year, police placed barriers on the steps of the gate, effectively preventing people from gathering there, in order to ease the flow of crowds in the area.


IDF accidentally reveals location of secret bases online

The map was detailed enough to include boundaries and names of the bases.

New ‘kosher Netflix’ service in Israel lets viewers skip 'immodest' parts

The Tov TV service, dubbed the “kosher Netflix” by the Israeli daily Haaretz, is geared toward observant Jews who follow the religious laws of modesty.

IDF soldiers of the Golani Brigade train for scenarios involving enemies similar to Hezbollah.

Golani officer to be blocked from promotion, combat duty after review

Lt. Guy Eliahu was the subject of a 'Haaretz' exposé which accused him of violating orders and of cover-ups by his superior officers.


Criminal probe launches against 'Haaretz' writer for incitement to terror

No probe of ‘Haaretz’ itself, State freezes NGO case against him

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