Chinese hackers stole millions worth of US COVID relief money, Secret Service says

APT41 is a prolific cybercriminal group that had conducted a mix of government-back cyber intrusions and financially motivated data breaches.


In a world that depends on internet, cybersecurity is king

If cybercrime were a country, it would have the world’s third-largest economy, after the US and China.

By Sara Miller/ The Media Line

Iranian hackers released footage of Jerusalem attack from security cameras - report

One of the published videos was accompanied by a caption in Hebrew, saying: "For a long time we have control over all your activities, step by step and moment by moment."

Iran hackers closer to penetrating Israel, US drones - cyberdefense CEO

Besides improving its own capabilities, Iran has started for the first time to more aggressively share cyberattack tools with Hezbollah.

Public Defender's Office slams state for abuse of power in hacking cell phones

Public Defender's Office issued its annual report slamming the state for abuse of power in hacking suspect's cell phones and a variety of other areas.

North Korea attempted to hack, siphon funds from an Israeli company

Penetrating the systems of financial institutions and employing the use of hackers are known practices of North Korea, which almost brought down the Central Bank of Bangladesh in this way.

Security breach in Shas database could expose information of millions

Although the breach in question has been blocked, there is no way to know whether the information in the system was leaked before it was patched.

Iran's atomic energy organization says e-mail was hacked, state media says

Iranian hacker group "Black Reward" hacked into Iran's atomic energy organization's email server.


Albanian PM seeks Israel’s cyber expertise after Iranian attacks

The Iranian cyberattack on Albania earlier this year threatened to paralyze public services and digital systems, hack into state records and further sow chaos.

US airports targeted by suspected Russian cyberattacks

Over 12 different airport websites were affected by 14 different cyberattacks throughout the day on Monday.

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