Hadar Goldin

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Israelis Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul, Avera Mengistu and Hisham Al-Sayed being held by Hamas in Gaza

Why are Israelis held in Gaza ignored amid Syria prisoner exchange?

How can Israel justify not putting an emphasis on Mengistu and Al-Sayed after Israel's efforts to bring a citizen back from Syria?

Ultra-Orthodox recruits prepare for IDF with run in memory of Hadar Goldin

Simcha Goldin, the father of Hadar, also took part in the run and spoke to the future ultra-Orthodox IDF recruits.

Israel debates banning COVID-19 vaccines for Gaza until captives released

"The time has come to change the paradigm so that one humanitarian gesture is exchanged for another."

Israelis Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul, Avera Mengistu and Hisham Al-Sayed being held by Hamas in Gaza

Knesset holds discussion on return of bodies of Oron Shaul, Hadar Goldin

Aviram Shaul criticized the government for allowing his brother's body to be held captive for this long. "Those who leave for battle need to know that they will be returned," he said.

Israel should not agree to 'outrageous' Hamas prisoner swap

Israel should offer only humanitarian aid a part of any deal. Vaccines save lives, while freeing terrorists endangers lives.

Israel-Hamas prisoner swap proposal outrageous, Defense c’tee chair says

In 2011, Israel released 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, about a third of whom were serving life sentences for terrorist attacks on Israelis, in exchange for captive soldier Gilad Schalit.

Palestinian health workers wearing protective masks walk in a quarantine zone installed by the minis

Has COVID created an opportunity to negotiate prisoner swaps with Hamas?

Palestinian officials reportedly told Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar that Israel has made an offer to Hamas via the Egyptian intelligence delegation that visited the Gaza Strip earlier this week.

Biton tours Gaza area, visits site of anti-incendiary balloon laser system

The Lahav Or system became operational last week and is equipped with highly advanced detections capabilities that allow the system to detect and safely neutralize targets automatically.

Leah Goldin, mother of Hadar, speaks at a press conference, August 5, 2018

Goldin family warns it will remove its gloves in battle to return son

‘If we do not see significant action for the return of Hadar [and Oren], we will change our method from one of appropriateness, to one in which we act by any means necessary’

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