Hanukkah: World's largest menorah set up in New York City by Chabad

The world's largest Hanukkah menorah has been set up by Chabad in New York City and will be lit by Mayor Eric Adams and Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan.

Jerusalem highlights December 16-22

What's new to do in Israel's capital?

What is the status of Jewish languages in Canada?

It seems still worthwhile to use Canada census data to find out how these languages are doing in regard to being used and studied vs. just being abandoned and therefore shrinking from view.


How can you make yourself a pious Jew?

When 18th-century writers railed against emerging trends of piety which they saw as misguided, they could not refer to these whippersnappers by the lofty appellation “hassidim.”

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Satmar rebbe in Kiryas Joel

Satmar Rebbe: Trumpism has infiltrated Judaism, twisted many minds

The Grand Rebbe's words came two days after the US midterm elections, during which Democrat Kathy Hochul became the governor of New York state, beating out Jewish Republican Trump ally Lee Zeldin.

New York midterm elections: Ultra-Orthodox Jews get out vote for Zeldin

Appealing to the ultra-Orthodox electorate has boiled down to two fundamental issues: frustration with New York City’s increased crimes and ongoing state attempts to regulate yeshiva schools. 


Haredi rebbetzin tells women to wear makeup, heels to bring in votes

In a screenshot circulating online, a haredi woman calls on women to wear Shabbat clothing when going to vote to bring in more male votes for UTJ.

Senior Russian official: Chabad Lubavitch is a neo-pagan cult

Chabad is the most dominant Jewish group in Russia and Ukraine and this was therefore a shocking statement that was perceived by the rabbis and emissaries negatively.


Exploring Jewish genealogy: The roots of a person and a people

For biblical scholars, it is of the utmost importance to familiarize themselves with all these names and their place in the human mosaic of their times.

What would an investigation reveal about ultra-orthodox schools in Israel? - opinion

If a change does not occur, Israel will not be able to continue to fund these vital systems and the burden will fall on the shoulders of working people, who will have to pay higher taxes.

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