Hanukkah entertainment and family-friendly activities across Israel

The rundown of Hanukkah events, all over the country, has seemingly infinite family-friendly activities and entertainment possibilities.


Afula teenager kidnapped and held for ransom in Jaljulya

The police's Central Unit conducted an intense intelligence effort in order to locate the teenager after receiving information about the incident in the early afternoon.

Adi Mizrahi admits to murdering Yuri Volkov in Holon road rage

Volkov's daughter, Daria, called for Mizrahi to be imprisoned for life.

By Karin Sagi/Walla

Holon institute hosts University of Maryland's chief scientist

Pierce and Yakubov expressed a mutual interest in deepening the relationship between HIT and the University of Maryland.

Adi Mizrahi identified as suspect in the murder of Yuri Volkov in Holon

Mizrahi was initially charged with reckless homicide, despite footage from the scene of the incident clearly showing the stabbing that killed Volkov.

By Walla!

Suspect arrested after motorcyclist stabs Israeli to death in Holon

Yuri Volkov, 52, was stabbed to death at a Holon interchange by a motorcyclist, who almost ran him and his wife over.

Strengthening ties between the Holon Institute of Technology and Uzbekistan

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, HIT president, reviews the Israel-Uzbekistan International Summit of Academy and Science.

Sinkholes: How are they formed and can we fix them? - explainer

A number of sinkholes opened up throughout Israel over the past year. These have been damaging and have even resulted in deaths. So how do they happen and how can we fix them?


November is shaping up to be a fantastic month for Israeli art

Art Roundup intends to offer readers a monthly glance at some of the finest art exhibitions currently being shown across the country.

Vote- then have some fun on election day!

Blessed or cursed with another secular holiday on Tuesday, Election Day, here are some suggestions for activities once you have visited the polling stations and cast your ballot.

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