influential jewish people

Leading educators give direction to the Jewish people

#48 - Jewish educator: Shuly Rubin Schwartz

Jewish journalists make a difference in the world

#47 - My pen is my sword: Bari Weiss and Jonathan Swan

West Bank leaders continue to fight for sovereignty

#46 - On annexation’s edge: Oded Revivi and Yossi Dagan

Head of policy helps Jews in Israel, diaspora connect over Facebook

#43 - Our woman at Facebook: Jordana Cutler

Close confidants, advisers to Israeli politicians sway the public vote

#42 - Men behind the men: Tal Gan-Zvi, Shalom Shlomo and Moshe Klughaft

Media advisers to Israel's prime ministers craft the political battle

#41 - The media strategists: Brit Perets and Shir Cohen

Two Rabbis leading the Lithuanian community to the future

#39 - Leading rabbis of the haredi world: Chaim Kanievsky and Gershon Edelstein

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