Iran Conflict

Why Iran can expect more social unrest

The Islamic Republic of Iran is castigated for ruling poorly. This flies in the face of the evidence.

How the Israel-Iran war might begin

In the back of everyone’s mind there will be a constant and nagging question mark over what happens next. Everyone that is, except for Iran.

A crew member of the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 is seen on the bow as it sits anchored after it was
Saudi, U.S. officials express concern over threat to maritime traffic in Gulf

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Tuesday that shipping might not be safe in the Strait of Hormuz, adding that "war with Iran is the mother of all wars."

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attends India-Iran business forum in New Delhi, India,
Iran dismisses possibility of conflict, says does not want war

Following the re-imposition of US sanctions, a senior Iranian maritime official said Iran had adopted new tactics and new destinations in shipping its oil exports.

AN IRANIAN ballistic missile on display in Tehran.
Nearly all of Iran's advanced nuke centrifuges failing, top expert reveals

David Albright is as concerned as ever about Tehran plotting to obtain a nuclear bomb and emphasizes the need for Israel and the West to stand watch.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel greeted by Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi at airport
Report: German gov’t will ban Iran’s 'terror' Mahan Air

BILD reported that American politicians and security officials told the German government that American citizens are endangered at airports because of Mahan Air's activities in the Federal Republic.

European Aid To Iran Sends Signal To United States

A deadly plague for Iran

Trump’s actions turn Islamic Republic’s economy into an international pariah without war

Iranian general praises Gazan terror: Trump’s ‘threats don’t scare us’

Hamas official Ismail Radwan urged all Palestinian “resistance groups” to coordinate their moves to “foil American-Zionist schemes.”

Cracking down on human shield ops and optics

The countries that seek to respond to such inhumane methods should be actively reaching out to and engaging victims and survivors of such operations, and lending legitimacy to their voices.

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