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Isi Leibler: Unsung hero of the Jewish people's finest hour

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Playing first violin in the struggle for Soviet Jewry.

Isi Leibler: A voice of moral clarity

We could not pretend to cover the wide scope of Leibler’s life, as Suzanne D. Rutland did in her new book, 'Lone Voice: The Wars of Isi Leibler,' but rather focus on his essence.


Isi Leibler, courageous and principled Jewish leader, passes away at 86

'Jerusalem Post' readers knew him through his incisive columns on events of the day, which he began writing in 2000.

Isi Leibler reflects on a lifetime of leadership

“In my twilight years, I look back and say I’ve been privileged to live through one of the most tumultuous and rewarding periods in Jewish history."

Grapevine March 12, 2021: People in the Book

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Australian former prime minister Bob Hawke

Isi Leibler got into his share of controversies – but he was respected

Rutland’s book is a biography of Isi Leibler. But it is far more — a documented recent history of the Jews of Australia.

Isi Leibler in his library in 1953

Isi Leibler’s multi-faceted life

Isi Leibler, from the point-of-you of a long-time acquaintance

Isi Leibler: A man with many missions

Leibler is arguably best known in Australia for championing the cause of Soviet Jewry.

Isi Leibler: Saving Soviet Jews and helping Israeli-Asian ties

His memories span almost a century that took the Jewish story from Eastern Europe to Antwerp, Melbourne and then to Jerusalem, through the struggles he fought for Jews in the Soviet Union and Israel.

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