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UAE Archives directors visit Israel’s National Library for first time ever

Among the fields of collaboration agreed to in the 2020 Abraham Accords, the two institutions are working to preserve historical memory and cultural heritage.

Prehistoric Israelis enjoyed their booze some 7,000 years ago

Strainers found in two different sites in the region testify of beer production and consumption in the Chalcolithic period, possibly in connection with ceremonies and feasts.

The Peel Commission Report of 1937

On July 7, 1937, 84 years ago, the report of the Palestine Royal Commission, also referred to as the Peel Commission, was submitted to Parliament.


An informative guide to Israel

To provide a fully inclusive account of today’s Israel, an astonishingly wide range of topics and issues needs to be covered. "Heartbeats" touches on more than 30.

The Jewish bookshelf of Tiferet Binyamin

Usually when we use the term “Jewish bookshelf,” we mean the compendium of basic texts. But recently I was fascinated by an actual Jewish bookshelf, which led me on an exploratory journey.

Biblical warfare: How did the Assyrians conquer Judean Lachish?

Archaeologists uncovered how King Sennacherib’s army built the massive siege ramp that allowed them to defeat the city some 2,700 years ago.

Ancient asteroids struck Earth frequently, delayed rise of life - study

Some of these asteroids were around 10 kilometers in size, and struck the Earth 10 times as often as current models would have suggested.


The Betsy Ross of Israel: Rebecca Affachiner

Rebecca Affachiner was a pioneer in many ways. Her love for Israel will always be seen in the flag that she made and her lasting tributes to the people, the land and the institutions of this country.


Police covered up deaths in Mandatory Palestine, new documents show

New documents released by the Israeli State Archives show proof of British police covering up the intentional killing of Jewish youth in Mandatory Palestine in the 1940s.


Ilan Ramon, Israel’s 1st astronaut, and the meaning of life

As a 23-year-old fighter pilot, Ramon was pondering his purpose in the world. A professor offered insight.

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