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Hundreds of 1,100-year-old solid gold coins found in central Israel

"With a sum [of cash] like this, a person could buy a fancy house in one of the best neighborhoods in Fustat, the rich capital of Egypt at the time."

Remembering the roots of Israel's National Library

The library was perhaps the one place in Jerusalem where one could find books on mathematics, science, secular philosophy, modern educational methods and other subjects.

Ya’acov Heruti, one of Israel’s first anonymous soldiers

The ‘Magazine’ gets the lowdown on the former LEHI operative, today 93, who almost assassinated the British foreign secretary in 1948

Educators call for November to be named 'Israel History Month'

Five key events in Israeli history, including the passing of two UN resolutions, took place in November.

Hebrew language, Jewish history and holidays under the microscope

Roots and Rituals provides a fascinating window into the origins of Hebrew words, practices and customs. The diversity of different topics makes it the type of book that one can read at any time.

History: How it really was!

Israel’s most important elections

Winepress at Kurazim (Dekel Segev/Nature and Parks Authority)
Ancient wine press with Talmudic period mosaic floor discovered in Galilee

This is the only mosaic from the time of the Talmud that has been found in the ancient Jewish village of Korazim.

The Time Tunnel

A new project traces history through the eyes of those who lived it.

Discovered cuneiform reveals Babylonian slave trade in biblical Samaria

The fall of Samaria, which has been known in the Bible to be ruled by the Israelites, has been discussed by numerous scholars and remains a key issue in the Bible.

THE ISRAELI public demands the release of Soviet Jews
The struggle of soviet Jewry: the fall of the communist garden of eden

Surprisingly, part of the struggle for Soviet Jewry was winning over the Israeli government.

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