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Weight control: Some answers for those ups and downs

The problem with obesity is that as body size increases, longevity decreases.

DOCTORS WERE puzzled to find that patients who kept to their instructions and avoided sweets didn’t

The glycemic index – A conceptual breakthrough in combating obesity

The following is intended to clarify how weight can be controlled when hunger is kept at bay using a reliable, informative tool called the glycemic index.

REVITAL ADMONI: ‘I believe that only through the senses can I teach children.’

Changing the world, one meal at a time

Admoni is clear in saying that healthy cooking and eating can be fun and delicious. “I don’t want to teach children that health cooking is always salad or rice or quinoa. No, no, no,” she said.

BMI chart.

Israeli-American study: Obese bariatric surgery patients live longer

The rate of death in obese individuals in the study who did not have surgery was 2.3% compared to 1.3% for those who had surgery


Israeli researchers win prize to boost fight against diabetes and obesity

They are the first group outside the UK to win the prize, which was presented at the recent 30th Rosetrees Trust Anniversary Symposium in London

Ichilov hospital and Sourasky Medical Centre in Tel Aviv.

Health Scan: Better pediatric simulation system in Tel Aviv

Individuals with severe overweight issues have an inhibited sense of satiation; they release fewer satiety hormones than people of normal weight.


Health Ministry offical: Junk food habit costs state NIS 6 billion yearly

“We are even considering taxes on damaging food and putting healthy foods under price controls [so they become cheaper].”

Overweight man

Source of ‘yo yo’ obesity revealed by Weizmann Institute researchers

Following a successful diet, many people are discouraged to find their weight rebounding and scientists are figuring out why.


Nagging young children about food and weight can cause family strife

One out of every three Israelis aged five to 21 suffers from obesity.

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