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75% of sexual offenders in Israel are released before end of sentence

A new report from the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel examines the phenomenon of violence against women in Israel.

Aliza Bloch

Senior Israeli officials attend women's leadership conference

The objective of the conference was to honor female officers who serve in organizations where the senior staff is largely made up of men.

Israel Prison

State allots NIS 8 m. to improve pay for tough IPS positions

The announcement comes as the IPS faces an unprecedented level of criticism for crises on multiple fronts due to the “Gilboa Prison Break Affair” and the “Prisons Pimping Affair.”

Gilboa Pimping Affair: Israel shouldn't see prostitution as 'normal' - opinion

I am sure that Golda is turning over in her grave, and I hope Ben-Gurion is as well, with the advent of this sick pimping of Jewish Israeli women to Palestinian Arab security prisoners, or at all.


Gilboa pimping affair: Gantz, Bar Lev to review roles of female prison guards

The lawyer representing female guards requested the State Attorney's Office prevent the spread of rumors by senior IPS officials.

Medical care for hunger strikers: An ethical failure - opinion

In the absence of medical procedures and clear ethical lines, hunger strikers are left to rely on the pressure of external actors.


Supreme Court stiffens sentence for IPS intelligence officer convicted of bribery

The decision came down as the country is struggling with multiple scandals signaling that top IPS officials have conducted extremely negligent oversight over a variety of problems.

Gilboa Prison pimping affair: Will there actually be a conviction?

There is nothing slam dunk about a case with so many questions, especially when it is unclear if the victim will show up in court.

Gilboa Prison chief suspended in ongoing 'pimping affair' probe

Until now, Ben Sheetrit has ironically had a form of immunity since he was the whistleblower of sorts on the Pimping Affair.

Bar Lev decides: Female guards will continue serving in prison security wings

Citing an agreement made in 2005, Bar Lev stated that female IPS guards will continue to guard security prisoners * Public Security Committee convenes to discuss pimping affair

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