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Demonstrators take part in an antisemitism protest outside the Labour Party headquarters
New antisemitism

The “three D” test is a definition of antisemitism crafted by Natan Sharansky, the former head of the Jewish Agency.

Matt Nesvisky
Longtime 'Post' editor, journalist Matt Nesvisky dies

He is survived by his wife Linda, and two daughters and grandchildren.

No Iran in Syria

Israel must demand a full accounting of the Iranian forces in Syria and that any agreements made on the south be based on verification.

A satellite
De Gaulle and Amos

The de Gaulle lesson should not be forgotten. Israel can rely on no one but itself for its defense.

MK MOTI YOGEV listens to a colonel during a tour of Judea and Samaria last month.
Yogev’s diatribe

As long as Israel has no constitution that clearly protects individual basic rights, it is important that Israel maintain a strong, outspoken judiciary.

Editor's Notes: Standing in spaces

Anyone who claims that this country promotes apartheid needs to simply spend a day in a hospital and any of its wards.

Funeral of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, murdered in West Bank terror attack shooting
Jerusalem Post Editorial: Paradigm-changing murder

The loss of men like Shevach is a too dear price to pay for maintaining the status quo.

The good old days

‘It is at one and the same time a page of history and wrapping for tomorrow’s fish. It reflects society and thus is used for years after by social and political historians as a picture of its times’

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